Can’t we all just get along?

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have a particular disorder I think the medical term for it is…avoidance. I am not sure if that is the actually term. I have a bad habit of ignoring anything that is uncomfortable.

I have decided that my name will also shape my outlook on the world. I try to make everything happy.  Unicorns shit rainbows and pee glitter, that sort of thing. I also have long term relationship with avoiding conflict.

I have mastered the five D’s…Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge.

I astounds me how other people have no problem with conflict.  They seem to be best buddies.  In fact if I were conflict, I would seriously think about getting a restraining order out on some people.

Now, I am not saying that speaking your mind is a bad thing. In fact I not so secretly wish I could be more assertive with my opinions.

The grass is always greener, and other cliches like that.

What I do have a problem with, is when people voice their opinions on others work negatively. Tear someone down for no reason except to be mean.

The past couple of weeks I watched an authors debut novel get annihilated in very personal  degrading reviews. They were painful to read.  I understand that not every piece of creativity is for everyone.

Someones passion may not be for you, and it is ok to voice that.  It is not ok to be mean about it.

Who cares if wasn’t your cup of tea (or super big gulp of Diet Pepsi.) You can state that.  You can even explain why it wasn’t for you.  A review like that may help someone out that would enjoy that piece.

For example . . . I am not a huge fan of pain. There are a lot of books out there, thanks to Kindle allowing books to be anonymous, that have S/M in them.  Pain and sex is not my idea of a good time.  (A little biting and hair pulling that’s fine, but don’t hurt me.) My aversion to pain stems from my ex, and I feel my excuse will stand.

With the amount of S&M books out there I feel like I am a minority. That is ok. This is just my opinion.

If I read a book that I don’t particularly like, I will still leave a good review. What I don’t like may be the draw for another reader. Who am I to judge what others enjoy. I wouldn’t dream of giving a bad review. I have stated reasons why the book wasn’t particularly my Diet Pepsi, but I  also explained that if a person is into…blocka, blocka, and blocka that they should consider reading that particular book.

I would never think  of criticizing someone and crushing their dream. Not that others peoples words should kill someones passion. Yeah, it will hurt because it is yours, but really, fuck-em’

Who cares what anyone thinks of something that you love to do.  As long as it isn’t hurting you or others, have at it. (I need to insert that sometimes doing something you love hurts you, because you are putting part of your soul inside of it. That is different.)

If you are able to make a living off of something you love, hop the fuck on that gravy train. If you have to supplement income do that. Don’t stop doing something that you love just because someone doesn’t like it. If you like it, someone out there will like it.

Just remember to treat other peoples art as you would want yours to be treated. Even if you don’t like it, there are others that will.

Uniqueness is what makes the world go round. This has been a service announcement from your local Batman.


  1. lizaoconnor says:

    Need more of you in the world. Have you considered being cloned?


  2. wccunningham says:

    That is an admirable quality in you Joy. I’m the same way about reviews. Simple rule we all heard growing up about if you have nothing nice to say…. I do believe that not all books are for everyone regardless of the genre. I read a book that was all hyped up and in my chosen genre. will end up giving it an OK review because it was written well, very well in fact and much better than I write but I couldn’t follow it because the style of writing didn’t move the plot along – to me anyways. Great post!


  3. jenlanebooks says:

    Well said, Joy. I don’t get the vitriol with some folks.


  4. Donn Miller says:

    That’s because todays society can get as bold as they want on the internet and not get punched in the face for it.
    You’re a nice person Batman.


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