My first one star review

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

No I didn’t publish Breaking Faith in the middle of the night and not tell anyone. I read on Facebook that there are some authors out there that review and give their books a five star review. I jokingly responded that at least I know I would have one five star review to brag about.

My brain wouldn’t let me stop there. Oh, no. Not this awkward girl. I started putting together what my review would actually say. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I would not give my book a five star review.



I first would like to state that this book took me forever to finish. By the time it will be published it will have consumed almost two and half years of my life.

I want to say that this book put me on an emotional roller coaster, but that really isn’t the emotional image I am trying to obtain. It was like being on a continues bungee-jump. My stomach would drop, my blood pressure would rise, my adrenaline would spike.Right when I would level out, I would have to jump again. Each jump was higher than the last, and the puffy air mattress transformed to a calm lake, to a rapid river, to a jagged mountain bottom, to something even more treacherous.

The characters were relentless in making sure they were portrayed truthfully. I constantly had to change dialogue, as they would scream at me that at no time would they ever say such a thing. Usually they demanded their rewrites in the middle of the night when I was comfortably tucked under my fuzzy Harry Potter blanket.

The edits were pure torture. Red ink will haunt me for the rest of my life. The book manipulated me more than I manipulated it. The story took a hold of me, and refused to release me until it was the exact shape it wanted it to be. Most of the curves it took were not something even I had expected.

This book also made me more neurotic than I already am. I had to stop myself from editing it down to just saying, THE END. I am in the constant battle of it could be better. Let me rewrite this fucker, one more time. Honestly, if I don’t stop the madness, the whole structure will change and Faith will become telepathic, and Kill will become a vampire.

I now think everyone is a liar. I have let friends beta read, and they are all very nice in their comments. Some have suggestions. Most of their suggestions I have used. All of them I have respected. I just don’t believe them. I keep telling people I won’t believe it until I get my first one star review. Well, shit.

This book has made me a blanket fort master. I am also well established in the art of procrastination. I am usually determined when I set out to do something, and do not stop until I have finished whatever task I have started. Not with this sucker. Nope. I have been known to ignore the whole thing for months at at time, and then go into a manic state where I am immersed in it.

I will be pressing publish some time in August 2015. Sorry my stomach just tried to hide by flipping into itself. To any readers even if you decide it does deserve a one star review I appreciate you taking the time to read something has brought me to my knees numerous times.

Also whatever book you are reading please leave a review for the author. Reviews mean the world to us. We respect everything our readers have to say. And remember even if it isn’t your type of book. By explaining what wasn’t your thing may bring a potential reader to that same book.

  1. Oh Joy. Yes, You will not believe it until strangers rate your book well. How well I know this. It will take the first three months to convince you, at least. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is no solution for this pain. You just have to work through it.


  2. areece says:

    Thanks for this post, Joy. You’ve expressed feelings I certainly struggle with. Good luck!


  3. barrett171 says:

    Actually, I love what I have read so far and my only peeve is I can’t get enough of the book. But as you point out, it is a humongous task to get a book completed and out there. Not to mention how it strips you bare for everyone to see your inner thoughts…well, a fair amount of your most private thoughts. And people are going to critique you and the book. The very thought of that sends you into your tent fortress for protection. And you think, “why on earth am I doing this?” “So,” I hear you say, “tell me something I don’t know already.” I am telling you I love this journey which you are taking us on with ‘Breaking Faith.” I love your honesty and your turn of phrase which makes it more ‘real’ to me.You have the rare knack of story telling that makes me forget “wow, she is a good writer the way she wrote that,” and puts me, instead, inside the story next to you, going through all those things you go through. I love this story on a dozen different levels. Thank you. I also relate to so much that you have shown us so far. Get the book out there, Joy. It is going to be a big success and the readers all over the world will love it as we do. xR

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