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Let me start by saying I know this is over simplified. I know more needs to be done, but training needs to be added to the solution

You’re here to protect us
You’re motto is to serve and protect.
Even if we need to be protected from ourselves.
If we’re throwing insults at you,
realize they are not to you individually. The insults are the frustrations of events that continue to happen
It’s your job to let these insults roll off your back, to understand it’s not you. It’s the continuous situation.
Do not get upset where you react from words of fear, heartbreak, and oppression. Remember these words are not toward you. It’s the neglect of these feelings that turn words more hostile, louder.
You should be able to take your own feelings out of the situation. Don’t get angry. Either listen and digest what’s being screamed at you, or ignore it if you must. Because in the end of the tyraid you can go home, and bitch about the asshole who screamed in your face. They can go home and feel they vented some of their frustrations. The other option is you lose your temper over words and end up hurting or killing someone. Where you go home with that on your shoulders. Doesn’t the other option sound so much better for both parties?
There is no reason to lose your cool, and hurt, or kill for words uttered in desperation to be heard.
They are not to you so don’t react as if they are.

I worked at a call center in the escalation department. People have called me the dirtiest of all the names, they have treated awful, and they threatened my family and friends. They were upset, at no point did I want to hurt them, or kill them. I let what they said to me roll off my back. It didn’t matter they were venting and it was my job to allow them. And believe me if I would have retaliated, called them names, threatened them with bodily harm. I guarantee my ass would’ve beem fired immediately.

Why do we have harsher polices for call center, retail, waitresses ect than we have for police?

I’ve seen horrible people treat a waitresses with no respect, yet they aren’t slamming their trays in their faces.
Words only have power if you give them power. Until you allow them power over your feelings they are just noise coming out of someone’s mouth.
Don’t react with hate. React with compassion.

We need to get rid of the bad cops. The corrupt cops. The good cops should prevail. We need to train cops with compassion and restraint. We need change. I massaged a kid who wanted to apply to the police academy. I asked a lieutenant if he had any advice. The lieutenant said to have the kid take sociology, and psychology in college instead of criminal justice. He said you’ll learn everything you learn in criminal justice in the academy, but more cops especially rookies need to understand people. Mob mentality, mental disorders, how to deal with people in the most dire circumstances. This made so much sense to me.

P.S if this post upsets you. You are someone who needs to step back and find a way to take criticism without retaliation. There are programs, therapists, and training out there. Think about why you’re upset.

Pss I had a nasty run in with a cop when my middle son was 2 and in the backseat. I pulled onto my street, amd moved my seatbelt under my armpits as my boobs were hurting. The cop pulled me over in front of my mailbox. When he asked where I lived I just pointed to my house I was in front of. He then starte berating me about being a bad mom by moving my seatbelt down in front of my son. He told me he should have someone take my son away because I was obviously a bad mom. I explained I would tell my lieutenant friend who I was massaging the next day what he thought about me being accused of being a bad mom. Thankfully that shut him up. He immediately went back to his car. My son hated cops since that day. I always think of the many people who get berated by cops that don’t massage their higher ups.

We need more love and acceptance in this world.