I am a massage therapist, by day. In the massage room I have seen, and heard almost everything. (I say this because my clients are constantly surprising me with new gems, that I tweet immediately.)

I have always wanted to be an author. In fact my mom just gave me my 8th grade writing award. I love the written word. I am the epitome of a “reading rebel” constantly reading past my bedtime. “One more chapter” can be heard on my side of the bed almost every night.

I have the tendency to become obsessed with characters in books, and think about them long after I am finished. I hope that my book invokes that type of reaction in my readers, as it does with me.

Why I wrote Breaking Faith…

Everyone has that one decision that stays with them. That one pivotal point, good or bad, that you know your life will never be the same again. I know some of you are thinking that you have had several of those, hell, maybe in one day, but I am talking about the one that gives the you the foundation to help you make the daily, monthly, yearly decisions you do.

Mine happened when I was 19.

I have been going back and forth on if I should write this or not. I decided that in order to understand the brutality that I have Faith face, especially in the first chapters, some back ground is important.

I was a sickeningly good girl when I was younger, (I was sarcastic, and an all around pain in the ass) but for the most part I never got in trouble. I did go a little crazy transitioning into high school, (my elementary school was K-8, so high school was a shock to me; Switching classes, different lunches, a shit ton of new people. I mean seriously what the hell) In spite of this, I still had my shit together.

Because of my non-rebellious state through high school, I decided to make all the tiny bad decisions one makes when they are younger, and lump it into one big bad one.

I was a freshman in college, and I met a guy online. (I know cliché right)

He was charming, and I was an idiot.

He lived states away from me, so of course like any normal girl I flew out there my first break to meet him. He in turn flew out to meet my parents during summer, because I was moving away to be with him. (I honestly can’t tell this story without rolling my eyes, ahhhhhhhh. I want to go back in time, and shake myself British nanny style.)

My parents reluctantly helped me move, and my dad quipped before driving away, “This is a mistake, I will be telling you I told you so.”

I am extremely stubborn, so in my head I was like “that’s never going to happen.” Queue eye roll again.

At first he was somewhat of his charming self, but every so often when we were alone in our apartment his true self would show. He ended up getting me a job, where he worked. We lived, and worked together same schedule, I was never out of his sight. He even signed up for classes at the community college I started going to.

As time passed, he began to show more and more of the monster he was, but leave it to me; I am attracted to witty smart men so of course he was a smart monster. He never left marks where they would be visible, and he always played his part of the perfect boyfriend.

My dad’s words would haunt me, but I refused to give in that easily. One of my friends started to catch the underlying monster lurking within, and after a really bad episode where he did in fact leave visible marks I left him.

I didn’t want to admit defeat just yet. So stubborn me, I got a duplex, and tried to make it on my own. We still worked together same schedule SMH. After a failed attempt at getting my life together, I decided to throw in the towel. The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, was well.. that isn’t important. (Shudder)

I called my parents and explained I wanted to go back home. I devised a plan, so he wouldn’t know I was gone, until I was miles away. When he realized I was gone, my phone blew up with Private missed calls, so I could never prove he was the one calling. (Such a smart guy)

It took me three and a half years, to leave the state and admit defeat. The timeline for Faith is similar.

I don’t want you to think everything I have happen between Faith and her monster is all fact. I added some interactions between them, and left some of my gruesome stuff out.

I just wanted to explain the reason why I have Faith’s relationship with her ex in such detail in the first chapters. I am hoping to show people they can in fact escape the monster they are living with, and lead a full life. Maybe not find a rock-star like Killian, but someone just as good.bwh2

  1. Network J says:

    Hi, you left me a comment about using one my pictures for your book cover. Please can you tell me more about the book and which picture? It depends on these two factors.

    Thanks, Selina


  2. heyitsmejoy says:

    Thank you. It is sad how many people have been in a situation like that. I’m glad you survived.


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