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Save me from myself

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I was talking to Rebecca Fisher about her new business venture. She is now a consultant for Damsel in Defense. Normally, I would never use my blog to promote businesses. This blog is about my life adventures (where I fall on my ass) and the book. I promise a good story before I promote.

This business hits close to home. It promotes women taking charge of their life. Not being a victim, and defending themselves. Throughout the three books where Faith is the main character you watch her on a journey of becoming a self reliant woman. In the first book you meet her broken and bruised, and watch her become a woman she can be proud of. I do have her purchase keychain mace when she starts to grown into her own.

Being Faith and Kill’s story takes three books to tell it isn’t something that happens overnight. She was always strong .She knew right and wrong. It was her ability to stand up for this knowledge that takes awhile.

Rebecca asked me if I ever owned a stun gun. I went to describe my adventure in stun gun land.

My first year at Fresno State I dove into school. So much so, my first class would start at the ass~fuck crack of dawn and end when most families had already cleaned up the dinner dishes.

I should tell you this was before I uprooted my life to move to Texas for an asshole I met online. I knew there were bad people out there. I just hadn’t met my monster yet. I was in the clouds that nothing bad could happen to me. Young, dumb, and so much skinnier.

There was a scare around campus. A man was going around raping women. There were flyers all around campus telling us to stick together, and not walk by ourselves.

Because I got there so early I had to park far from campus. After my last class the once filled to capacity parking lot had tumbleweeds blowing through it. My mom gave me a stun gun in order to protect myself.

After carrying the damn thing around for weeks I actually had to reach for it. I have an overactive imagination and with those flyers taunting me at every corner my mind was on high alert.

Then someone started following me. At first I tried to stay calm, bur after seconds my ass was like “fuck that” and I started to walk faster. The person did the same. I reached into my knitted purse to get my stun gun. Because my purse was knitted everything was a jumbled mess inside. My stun gun was pointing up. I plunged into my purse in pure panic when I couldn’t find it. My finger hit the switch, and I shot myself on the inside of my wrist.

After keening a awful noise that most likely sounded like a cat in heat orgasming to its death the person behind said the “shit” turned around and scampered off.

I saved myself from who knows what. Maybe it was just a fellow student maybe someone more sinister, but who will save me from myself?

Damsels in Defense has a variety of items to empower women. The stun gun also has to be activated before you can use it. This would have came in handy. If you want to check out what they have please click on the website

I am thinking of weaving in Damsels in Defense products with my cover reveal. I want everyone to be safe even if it is just from themselves.

Well….I just got fired

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MagScribe Promotions

Yep, I have joined the unemployed percentage of America. Although being fired on Mother’s Day was a sucky way to end the day, I feel it was a blessing in disguise.

Now I’m free to open myself up and take on this writing community head on. I plan on offering much more to other authors, as well as customers on Fiverr.

Also, I plan to check out this website:

It’s an online income opportunity. Something to help everyday people make REAL money online. And, right now that is what I need. Everyone wants to work from home, enjoying what they do. I know I want to work from home, but also I want to be able to make great money doing it.

Check out this website, and they will send you free information to get you started. It offers no upfront costs, as well as you can get started immediately.

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My mother and gypsies….

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I was thinking about my mom since it was Mother’s day on Sunday. My mom is amazing, and her words of wisdom have helped me maneuver through this crazy life. Some of her advice was a bit unconventional to say it mildly but it worked.
The saying that scarred me the most…uhmm, I mean stuck with me the most was “don’t put money in your mouth, because gypsies store it in their butts.”
I know this is highly offensive, and I’m sorry to any gypsies. When I was little gypsies weren’t human in my mind, but evil creatures that struck a cord of fear anytime they were mentioned.
Gypsies were used to keep me in line as they also stole bad children from their parents and sold them to the circus. If you ask my mom she will tell you she never said this, and I made it up. I will tell you money has never breached my mouth, and the look of horror I get when I see people put money in their mouth solidifies her words stuck.
Another life gem, “if you have to pick your nose use your pinky so you don’t stretch out your nostril.” She probably won’t take credit for this one either.
When we were walking and passed a pole she made me hold the pole and circle around it while saying “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” I have a feeling this was to make sure I would never be a stripper. Any auditions would be ruined as I circled the pole talking about sandwiches. (Smart mom)
According to my mom, Vicks vapor rub will heal any ailment. My mom uses Vicks vapor rub like the dad in my big fat greek wedding would use Windex.
In all seriousness my mom is my biggest supporter. She is and has always been there for me and I can call her whenever I need her.
Thanks, mom.
I love you. Happy late Mother’s day.


My author page reached 500 likes. I asked if you wanted a teaser or more pages. The answer I received was both. So for all my greedy readers your wish is my command.

Here is the link for my author page if you are interested.

and the links for the first six pages…

“Uhmm, no,” I replied, while I face-palmed myself in my head.

I had a full scholarship, earned straight A’s with a full load in my double major of Biology and Literature, but around him I became a bumbling idiot.

He hooked his arm around my shoulders, steering me toward his car, a silver Honda Civic. I’ll admit it made me sad when I saw his car; it felt somewhat anticlimactic.

We went to dinner and talked, well he talked the majority of the time. He acted interested when asking me questions to see if I fit in with his life, which I was desperate to do.

I convinced myself I didn’t mind his hostile takeover of our dinner conversation. I had never received attention from someone like Jason before. It was exhilarating and bewildering.

After dinner, we walked around. He became more interested in my life, allowing me to fill the rest of the walk with my interests. Driving back to the coffee shop, Jason’s true personality surfaced. That was the moment I should have known I needed to end all contact with him.

A car cut him off, and his face morphed into an angry red orb, the exact color of the guy he had berated that afternoon. He followed the wrongdoer, honking his horn, and screaming. The veins in his neck popped out so far I could almost trace the blood pumping through them.

The offender was an older gentleman in his seventies. I knew this because when Jason drove next to him, which meant riding halfway on the side walk, I got a good look at his terrified face.

I was unsure which one I should have been more afraid for; they both looked as if they were on the verge of having a heart attack.

Once Jason had scolded the poor man, he calmed. He threw me a quick smile while turning the car around to head back to Cool Beans, which we had passed in the pursuit.

I had my hand poised on the door handle so I could get out as soon as we stopped. In the parking lot, I jumped out of his car and ran to mine, throwing the door open. My only thought was of escaping.

“Hey, wait!” Jason yelled.

He was quicker than I gave him credit for because he grabbed onto the door as soon as I had opened it, sandwiching me in between him and the car.

“I’m sorry. I overreacted. It just scared me; he could have hurt you.” He ran a finger down my cheek, and I leaned into his touch.

“Don’t do it again,” I tried to scold him. The fact that I leaned into him with a goofy smile on my face, somewhat undermined the severity of the reprimand.

“Promise.” He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “Can I see you tomorrow?” His brown eyes were making me weak in the knees, and hot everywhere else.

“Yeah, I get off at five.”

He leaned in, brushing his lips across mine.

“I will see you at five tomorrow, Faith.”

I nodded, not wanting to contemplate what I was getting into, telling myself he had a reasonable reaction.

Once he pulled out of the parking lot, I sat in my car breathing in through my nose and out of my mouth. I had a hard time pushing down the dread flowing through me. I allowed the explanation he was worried for my safety keep my apprehension at bay. Even though in the back of my mind I knew this was a bad sign.

Jason picked me up the next day, and the next several days after that. By the end of the week we were inseparable, and he had everyone in the coffee shop enamored.

I became swept up in the romance, and soon found myself unable to catch my breath from the whirlwind that was Jason. I pushed the road rage incident out of my head convincing myself I had overreacted.

The summer rushed by and I allowed myself to fall head over beautiful heels in love with Jason. We were together every waking moment, it seemed.

When Jason’s temper flared, I let him convince me it was because he thought I was in danger. I unplugged every bell and whistle going off in my head, blissful in their silence.

When summer ended, we were happy and in love. My mind refused to notice any other emotion. Jason had one more year left before graduating with a business degree.

For the first time, when we were registering for our classes, I was on the receiving end of Jason’s temper. Jason noticed the huge course load I signed up for, and he was furious. He screamed that I would never have time for him.

School being important to me made me stand my ground against Jason’s demands. I refused to let him sway me to take on a lighter load, not wanting to stray from the path I had methodically laid out.

Jason stopped showing up at the coffee shop. Upset he wanted me to give up my schooling for him, I refused to be sad about his absence, or so I told myself. His tantrum irritated me, and I allowed my anger to burn away the pain.

Jason showed up the day before school started, carrying a bouquet of red roses. He fell to his knees, telling me how much he missed me and couldn’t be separated from me a second longer.

Every woman’s panties in the coffee shop became wet when he strolled in carting the obscenely expensive roses.

I flipped the breaker to stop the warnings from shrieking. Running into his arms, I kissed him and told him how much I loved and missed him.

Watching the women swooning for Jason in the middle of the shop made me realize how lucky I was that he picked me. That night, I apologized and explained my actions were for our future.

During the semester I allowed myself to get swept up in the Jason vortex. His charm and good looks had my head in the clouds most of the day