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Rebecca is hosting a giveaway on Goodreads for 10 free copies of her book All The Wrong Places. This will be the first of many events to get her beautiful new cover noticed. Rebecca will be attending a author signing event in Vegas held on the first weekend of April with tons of other talented authors. I am trying to find a hotel room so I can go see her in all of her glory. Well…not all of her glory as that has already happened. Before we became friends and she started helping me with my book she was my client. So…. all of her clothed author glory will be in full force in April.

This is a fantastic book, and a great way to get your hands on it for FREE.

I will give you more details on the Vegas signing when it is available to me. She is an amazing person, and her book reflects the hardships she has persevered through her own life.The swag that she is offering at the signing will be as unique as the author herself, and I strongly suggest stopping by if you have the chance. My weird awkward self will hopefully be there walking around promoting her fabulousness.

10 FREE books are available to you if you go onto

All The Wrong Places on Goodreads. Make sure you tell her that Joy sent you. 😉


Driving aimlessly through the stormy suburbs of San Francisco, Casey Wheeler is fleeing from her abusive and unfaithful husband with her five year old daughter Maddy asleep in the backseat. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Casey loses control of her emotions and her car, crashing into a hillside below a mortuary. Desperately seeking shelter, and more so independence, she finds herself taken in by the mortuary director who apprehensively offers her a job and a place to live. As she stumbles through the ins and outs of her new and morbid surroundings, Casey is forced into a hostile custody battle with her relentless and increasingly violent husband. In the midst of all the chaos, she finds a new family and even love in the eccentric and protective people of Golden Oaks Funeral Home. But just when she has found all she could hope for, she will have to fight to the death to protect it. This semi-autobiographical story of a single-mother and her journey to self-discovery, independence and a true understanding of love will keep readers captivated and yearning for more.

Adventures at the library

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Today my neurotic awkward ass went out on an adventure. The library was hosting a local author event. My friend/editor/ inspiration Rebecca Fisher was invited to attend and promote her book “All The Wrong Places.




I went to support her. I wasn’t going to venture beyond her booth that would require me to have to act normal (my anxiety keeps a short leash on normalcy and I am very inappropriate.)
Rebecca urged me to go check out the romance section of the event. I am glad I did. I met some incredible ladies. Here they were in flesh and blood women in my genre that had the balls to press publish. It was inspiring. Not inspiring enough to have my index finger hovering over the mouse that is poised over the publish button inspiring, but inspiring none the less.
I shouldn’t have surprised me at how nice and supportive they were. I would like to give a shout out to all the women I met today. Unfortunately, I was unable to talk to all of them as the nakeds would have rebelled. Even my perverted imagination does not want to conjure up that image.
Catherine Bybee’s books are on the kindle daily deal today. (Sorry for the late notice. I blame it on the nakeds)

Laura T. Emery’s book will be on sale 1/18/2015

Lee Souleles

Kimi Flores her first book in this series is currently free

Patricia Leever

T.K. Leigh

Margaret Brownley

Anne Carter (my long lost client)

I won’t lie I enjoyed meeting these women. (I don’t want to say fellow authors as my neurotic ass will procrastinate with Breaking Faith for as long as I can 😉 )
I will read their books soon. (Like my TBR needed to be longer.) Reviews will follow. Another list that I need to work on.

On another note for those that know me you will be proud to note that I only uttered the word “fuck” once or twice. I will not go into how many times I used the word “vagina.”  All in all I would call that a good outing.

Measurements by Joy

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I was telling a client about my last trip to the Comedy Store. I told him that Rob Schneider went up on stage after Pauly Shore. My client asked me if he was funny. I responded that he was funny, but I was surprised how short he was.
Client, “Oh yeah?”
Me, “Yep, he was like nipple height.”
Astonished client “Seriously Joy is that how you measure people?”
Me (realizing that maybe I’m the only person that measures people with body parts)
“Well, yeah. I mean a table could be measured as vagina height. “Its about Vag high.” If you are offended I can change genders. He is small enough that your balls would rest comfortably on the top of his head.”
Client silently laughs.
“I wonder if that is why Europeans use the term stones as measurements. One stone could mean the person is the height of a mans feet to his balls (testicles if you want to be politically correct.) Two stones? Obviously you would double it.”
Yes. I know. This is not the first or the last time I will realize I am not the most professional massage therapist out there. Yet, I am booked weeks in advance. I must be doing something right.
Have a fantabulous week.

This book is phenomenal. I can’t wait to write my review on it. I am do happy to be a part of this.

Madhuri Writes Things

It’s been one of those months – utter chaos and craziness, stress and sleepless nights, so much so that sometimes I feel like I can’t even breathe. An emotional roller coaster. I think this happens every so often to everyone – shit just gets so out of control you become numb to the madness, numb to pretty much everything.

Unless you’re friends with Michele Mason Holmberg and she’s working on the cover for the finale of your paranormal romance trilogy.

And she’s sticking her foot all up in it.

Then you’re hardly numb – instead you’re so full of feels you don’t even know what to do with yourself. When Michele hits you with her design, you just kind of sit and stare, while your heart is racing with excitement and joy, you’re grinning from ear-to-ear, and your eyes are full of tears.

Because you’re a sappy bitch like that.

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2015 already in full swing…..

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Noticing that February is fast approaching, I figured I should put my bloggers boots back on and come back to reality. Christmas was whirlwind of wrapping paper and sugar filled treats. I lumber jacked the tree right after Christmas. I have a very tiny house and having a tree in the middle of my living room for a longer period of time than necessary is asking for disaster. My house being uber rambunctious I would be tempting the fates good will with my breakable decorations.

Friends came to visit from North Carolina, and I happily set aside my workouts and editing exchanging it for laughter and way too much food. My Christmas present to myself was a bright and shiny tattoo. It is healing nicely. My friend got one as well coincidentally we got them in the same place.


New Years Eve wasn’t much. We were still recovering from Christmas. This year I had little to drink so the girls stayed inside my shirt. If I have never mentioned it I have a trigger where I flash my boobs when I drink too much. When this happens family and friends know that I have had enough. Being a total lightweight it doesn’t take long to get me to that point. Whenever I go to Vegas or Laughlin I have a rule….one part alcoholic beverage one part bottle of water. My boobs and alcohol have a rocky past. Don’t believe me? Read this story.

Embarrassing Drunken Night in Laughlin

The house slowly got back to normal after they left. Quiet settled around the compound telling everybody with no chance of a misunderstanding the holidays are over. January is a difficult month.  The holiday spirit is removed, and we are left with the in the clutches of the bitter cold (Thanks to the sweets inhaled during the holidays, we have the extra holiday weight to keep us warm.)

Having my friends leave, and the decorations with my name on it packed away for December I feel into a funk. I also ended up getting a sinus headache that had me miserable for three days. This is my excuse for not working on Breaking Faith.

To get my spirit back up I went to the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood on Saturday. The Comedy Store lifts my spirits as soon as I walk through the doors. Having been to many comedy clubs, the Comedy Store is my home. I laughed from 9pm to 2am, it was wonderful. Rick Ingraham was my favorite. I have seen him preform four times, and every time I have tears in my eyes from laughter. He has a twitter @RickIngraham that I now follow. Sunday I went for a hike. I had never been hiking with the person I went hiking with. It was an experience. I was scrambling up rocks and pulling myself up by tree roots. It was different, and besides the huge bruise on my ass I had fun.

I am now determined to work on Breaking Faith. I took time off, and it’s time for my bruised ass to get to work. My resolution for this year is to have Breaking Faith published.

I hope everyone had a fantastic, and safe holiday. Let’s rock 2015 🙂