2015 already in full swing…..

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized


Noticing that February is fast approaching, I figured I should put my bloggers boots back on and come back to reality. Christmas was whirlwind of wrapping paper and sugar filled treats. I lumber jacked the tree right after Christmas. I have a very tiny house and having a tree in the middle of my living room for a longer period of time than necessary is asking for disaster. My house being uber rambunctious I would be tempting the fates good will with my breakable decorations.

Friends came to visit from North Carolina, and I happily set aside my workouts and editing exchanging it for laughter and way too much food. My Christmas present to myself was a bright and shiny tattoo. It is healing nicely. My friend got one as well coincidentally we got them in the same place.


New Years Eve wasn’t much. We were still recovering from Christmas. This year I had little to drink so the girls stayed inside my shirt. If I have never mentioned it I have a trigger where I flash my boobs when I drink too much. When this happens family and friends know that I have had enough. Being a total lightweight it doesn’t take long to get me to that point. Whenever I go to Vegas or Laughlin I have a rule….one part alcoholic beverage one part bottle of water. My boobs and alcohol have a rocky past. Don’t believe me? Read this story.

Embarrassing Drunken Night in Laughlin


The house slowly got back to normal after they left. Quiet settled around the compound telling everybody with no chance of a misunderstanding the holidays are over. January is a difficult month.  The holiday spirit is removed, and we are left with the in the clutches of the bitter cold (Thanks to the sweets inhaled during the holidays, we have the extra holiday weight to keep us warm.)

Having my friends leave, and the decorations with my name on it packed away for December I feel into a funk. I also ended up getting a sinus headache that had me miserable for three days. This is my excuse for not working on Breaking Faith.

To get my spirit back up I went to the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood on Saturday. The Comedy Store lifts my spirits as soon as I walk through the doors. Having been to many comedy clubs, the Comedy Store is my home. I laughed from 9pm to 2am, it was wonderful. Rick Ingraham was my favorite. I have seen him preform four times, and every time I have tears in my eyes from laughter. He has a twitter @RickIngraham that I now follow. Sunday I went for a hike. I had never been hiking with the person I went hiking with. It was an experience. I was scrambling up rocks and pulling myself up by tree roots. It was different, and besides the huge bruise on my ass I had fun.

I am now determined to work on Breaking Faith. I took time off, and it’s time for my bruised ass to get to work. My resolution for this year is to have Breaking Faith published.

I hope everyone had a fantastic, and safe holiday. Let’s rock 2015 🙂

  1. jenlanebooks says:

    The girls just want to party like the rest of you, I guess! I agree there’s typically a letdown in January. That’s why I scheduled a trip to Aruba, and it was awesome. Southwest now flies there so it didn’t break the bank either.

    Is Breaking Faith finished? You can do it!


  2. Mindy Ogg says:

    That’s quite a picture of your living room! How in the world did you accomplish that? Glad you had a good holiday. I’ve been thinking of getting a little tattoo of a butterfly. Who knows! Cheers…


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