Well….I just got fired

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

MagScribe Promotions

Yep, I have joined the unemployed percentage of America. Although being fired on Mother’s Day was a sucky way to end the day, I feel it was a blessing in disguise.

Now I’m free to open myself up and take on this writing community head on. I plan on offering much more to other authors, as well as customers on Fiverr.

Also, I plan to check out this website: http://www.incomesnap.com/?id=burtonerik

It’s an online income opportunity. Something to help everyday people make REAL money online. And, right now that is what I need. Everyone wants to work from home, enjoying what they do. I know I want to work from home, but also I want to be able to make great money doing it.

Check out this website, and they will send you free information to get you started. It offers no upfront costs, as well as you can get started immediately.

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