Coolest Job Ever!!!!

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Alright so I met someone today who may quite possibly have the coolest job ever. She works at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood. I know, I know super cool, right? I immediately launched into Joy type questions; poor thing probably didn’t even enjoy her massage because my crazy ass wouldn’t leave her alone. I mean how awesome to be able to work around famous people all day, but not have to deal with their attitudes. No odd requests for water there folks.

In case you are wondering; No she does not pose inappropriately with the wax figures, when the museum is closed. (The way she answered it, made me realize I may have been the only one to think of such a thing. Oops)

She also didn’t have any weird stories, like the figures moving when she wasn’t around. (May have watched Night at the Museum too many times.) I just think it would be funny to see, which characters hooked up with each other at night.

They are not shipped in refrigerated containers. (I know what you are thinking, and no they also do not sit on a plane next to unsuspecting passengers either. L) They are shipped in regular crates. (I like my idea a lot better. I mean they are coming all the way from London, at least you can do is get them in business class.)

They do not have wicks in their nipples, either. L She told me that nobody has ever asked that question. (High-Five Joy for being creative.)

The figures get to go on tours, all around to the sister companies. They swap, and share their figures like a nice little community. (You can insert your inappropriate thoughts here…..)

Her favorite at the moment is Whitney Houston. (No she does not have white powder around her nose.) Oh, and speaking of powder they do get to sometimes touch up the figures. (I know so cool.)

I did giggle when she told me that Brittney Spear’s in Vegas gets knocked down a lot. They have to recast her. I also asked if they cut her hair off, when she went a little crazy. (They didn’t, but her head has been bashed in. What happens in Vegas and all.)

But she did explain that when a star get’s a tattoo, their figure also gets the same one. (So awesome.) They will also take a figure down to give them a hair cut when their counterpart changes their style.

They are currently not on Twitter, but I tried to convince her that the wax figures need a voice. I even gave her some ideas, which coming from me, probably will not go into fruition. I was so excited, to talk to her and she was super nice in not brushing me off as crazy. I decided I needed to share.

You can check out the museum online at


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