Sky Watcher by Ella Emerson

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‘Sky Watcher’

Allison Singleton is divorced at age 35 and destined to be alone forever, or at least that is what she believes.

Her sister is determined to find her love, so is setting her up on blind date after blind date. Allison then meets the HOT lawyer Gavin McDermott, who offers her a job she will never forget. A chicken farm? Who would do that?

She wants to try new things, so on a whim, she accepts. Follow Allison as she finds herself, her dreams, and maybe even love.

A funny, cute, and enticing tale that will leave you breathless.
Sky Watcher will be available soon!!


“Hi there.” I say.

“Want to go for a walk?”


We head outside; the sun is shining, warming my chilling skin. It feels so good; I raise my head towards the sky, soaking in the suns heat. We begin to head out towards the lake, taking our time, enjoying natures sounds that fall between us. I look to him, out of the corner of my eyes, taking in his masculinity, the way his muscles move together, forming the flawless body. He walks with the confidence of a man who knows his place in the world, having all the answers to life’s little questions, how does he makes it look so easy. I turn to him and smile, letting him know I am present, lost in thought, but still here. He looks over to me, seeming to be lost in thought as well. He stops, when we are nearing the big willow tree.

“Want to hear a story?”

Not really waiting for my answer, he motions for me to sit down under the sizable tree.

“Do you know the legends associated with the Weeping Willow trees?” he asks.

“No” I answer.

“Some say that the weeping willows once stood upright and strong, but that the broken hearts of lovers so touched the heart of the trees that they bent in grief and were never able to straighten themselves again, weeping the tears of each lover. Others say that they weep for the pain that mankind inflicts upon the earth and that they will right themselves, once again, when a new era of peace and kindness becomes a reality.”

“That’s beautiful.”

His eyes land on me, as he smiles a slow sexy grin, he repositions his body to where we are facing each other. He leans his back against the tree, grabbing a hold of one of the branches, he says to me, “It is the tree of dreams; I have sat here so many times over the years, dreaming of how my life would turn out”

“Well is it everything you have dreamed it would be?” I ask.

Our eyes hold each other as he, drops the branch, it sways as he says, “Well no, but that’s life, you know, it never kind of turns out how you dream it would be”

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