Who wants to argue semantics? Happy Father’s Day

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had a conversation the other day with a client, about Father’s Day. I told him how I felt about Mother’s day as a holiday. Explaining it makes me laugh that we are celebrating the fact that a woman gave it up and got knocked up. He started laughing, and I started thinking (not a good thing for me to do.) I decided that instead of saying “Happy Father’s Day to people.” I was going to tell men this year “Happy Mother Fucker’s Day,” because in my mind it totally made sense.

He has to go all technical on me, and was like “well they aren’t technically a mother fucker, until you get them pregnant.” After turning it over in my head, I realized he was in fact right. So I started trying to work it out. “Happy Fuck a Woman into a Mother day,” “Happy Impregnation Day,” “Good Job You Got Some Day,” “Happy Becoming a Mother Fucker Day.”

None of them worked the way I wanted them.  So, screw semantics my ass is sticking with “Happy Mother Fucker’s Day,” to all you awesome fathers out there.

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing men that stepped up to raise their children. My Father worked his ass off, next to my Mom, in order to give us everything we needed. He was always there to push me when I needed that shove to be the best I could be, and for some reason seems to be proud of what I have become. Thanks Dad. My Grandpa had nine kids (holy shit nine kids) and six of them were girls.  He was truly the greatest man I have ever known. He was my Superman, and you will learn more about him closer to the 4th of July. My other Grandpa was a quiet man, but he was always good for sneaking us candy when my Grandma wasn’t looking. Last but not least is Jm, he fought tooth and nail to get custody of his oldest son. He was knocked down so many times, but never gave up. His son being his only concern. You are amazing Jm, and T, C, and B will be a better men because of you. I have many other men that are great fathers in my life, my uncles, friends, nephews, and clients.  You all are doing great jobs, thumbs up Mother Fucker’s.

Here is to you Dad “Happy Mother Fucker’s Day, I love you.”



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