The white noise of a freak out.

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

If you thought my previous posts were sporadic, and non-linear in reason, I am about to blow your fucking mind. I was already in the middle of a major panic ( I will not bore you with the details. I have already dragged one person in it, and actually thrust a book on her Kindle in order for her to help me research. Love You, Appreciate You.)

Now, during this melt down I was graciously thought of for a Blog Hop by the lovely Jane Bled. While writing my answers, all of which make me sound like an disorganized moron, I got stuck on how to answer question 2.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I refuse to tell you how long I stared at this question. I would write, and delete it all, only to repeat the process. I couldn’t, and honestly still can not think of a good way to answer this question, but I am going to attempt to provide you with my own convoluted explanation. This may not make sense as I start the explanation, I am hoping at the end of this long winded explanation it will in fact have a point (this blog does not guarantee that a point will be made on any of its posts)

My answer . . .

It doesn’t. It’s not.

I am going to take you back to a literature class I had in college. We had to read the book, White Noise. Of course with any class after reading a book, a paper was assigned. Now, as you probably can tell I don’t do things the normal way. While other students were writing about the main plot points, and all other things that would make a normal paper, I decided to pull out the minute details of the story, and write about that.

I don’t remember the paper verbatim, but I started if off with my explanation on how I think things are invented. (If you are still with me, email me, and I will send you a gold star, you deserve it.) I feel that most things (not all) but most, are invented out of necessity brought on by a life experience.

A couple examples.

A person pouring something, and making a horrible mess . . . This task would go a lot easier with a funnel, and I can only assume the funnel was invented, because someone in a situation like this wanted to make their life easier.

A girlfriend assuming that her boyfriend is in some other girls house cheating on her, most likely invented the cell phone. It would make her stake out a lot easier, if she was able to call him, while sitting outside his house in her car, and watch him run out of the house. (Where the fuck are you going with this, Joy? Just wait, there is a point somewhere)

These people are not the only ones going through this type of situation. It may have some aspects that are different, but in the end they would also benefit from the invention of the funnel, or cell phone, or anything else that would make life easier if it was around. It comes down to who is going to make it. Who will take the time to actually turn an idea into reality (or which prototype works best.)

But at some point, enough people in the same situation, are going to create something to assist them, and others.

Are you getting a tiny semblance of the point? Maybe, no. Let me ramble on.

I called this the white noise effect. It is the idea that people all around the world experience the same situations. it is buzzing around in the background, and not really paid attention to, but there none the less connecting everyone with similar life situations.

Stubbing your toe, and jumping the pain away,

no toothbrush, so brushing your teeth with your finger (if I remember correctly, this happened in the book)

not being able to find an object,

or I could go even further . . . Love, Hate, Fear, Disappointment.

I pictures these common occurrences to be in a big bucket. Not everyone is going to get the same combination of situations. but they are all common experiences that most throughout the world can relate to. (This is why I feel that T.V. sitcoms are so popular, they take a common situation, and exaggerate it allowing people to connect with the characters.)

Now, branching off of that idea, I also feel people gravitate toward certain things. This is why you can find a shirt in five different colors. It is the same shirt just a different color, and people will pick which color fits them best.

This is how I look at genre’s of books.

My book is a romance, there are a fuck load of romance books out there.

They all pick out of this bucket of situations. . . misunderstanding, jealousy, fear, drama . . .  so on, and so on.

I picked out of this bucket using things that I have experienced to create Breaking Faith. Although it is a romance, but it is written in my color. I am hoping that some people out there will try my book on, and maybe it won’t clash with their hair color so they buy it, and maybe even (GASP, probably not but a girl can dream) like it. I have had a lot of doubt about this book, and the newest one is the most harsh. At this moment the fate of Breaking Faith is up in the air, and most definitely will not be released in October. I am  normally not this flaky, but for this one, it is in my best interest to take a step back and look at my options.

So, I guess to answer question number two of this Blog Hop . . .

The reason why my Rock’n’Roll romance is different from the others in my genre, is because it is written in my color.

(As much as I would like to say I was, I was not drinking while writing this post.)



  1. Love this, you are truly talented!!!


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