My 7-7-7 Challenge

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was nominated by  to do the “7-7-7 Challenge.”  That is to share seven lines from the seventh page of your work in progress (WIP), starting from the seventh line. I almost ignored this challenge. If it were anyone else I would have, but Mr. Townsend has been extremely supportive on Twitter and I owe him big time. If you are not following @SEvanTownsend you are missing out.

My seventh page, seventh line, seven lines down………

I left the coffee shop feeling dejected and stupid for actually believing he meant what he said.   As I headed to my car, I heard his deep voice behind me.

Hey, you aren’t ditching me are you?”

Stunned, I turned around to see him, my knight in coffee justice leaning on the wall of the back entrance of the shop, his muscles doing that delicious bulgy thing. “Uhmm, no,” I replied, while I mentally face palmed myself.

Why did I always end up looking like a complete moron around him?

I nominate @authorella and @leemillerwrites


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