Bradley Pitts

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

That was perfect. I’ve never seen his show. I’m hooked

Madhuri Writes Things

Do you watch Between the Ferns with with Zach Galifiankis? Who, by the way, will always be Fat Jesus to me.

I love it. It’s totally bizarre and uncomfortable and even though you know everyone is in on the joke, it’s still delicious fun watching everyone be in on the joke.

So Brad Pitt was just on and it was kind of special. I won’t give the whole thing away, although I desperately want to because all of it cracked me up, but Zach addressed him as Bradley Pitts, told him that he finds it strange Pitt plays so many characters who are Nazi haters because he “looks like Hitler’s dream”, and asked to hear about Pitt’s new movie “Furry”.

This might be my favorite episode yet.

Check it out.

Oh! and while you’re at it, have a happy Diwali.


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