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Posted: November 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thursday, I was a part of something very inspiring. Lilo Abernathy was a part of the Kindle Daily Deal. Lilo being the marketing mastermind she is, used this opportunity to its fullest advantage.
She put on her war paint, and rallied the troops. Lilo is a force to reckon with. She explained that it is her bossy nature that got her where she is šŸ˜‰ I have come to the conclusion that Lilo is the personification of Mother Nature.
She was determined to use this opportunity to get The Light Who Shines as high as she could on Amazon. Being such a nice person, she already had support from many authors, and non~authors. Most she had helped out at some point in the past.
The amazing part was,complete strangers were offering her help. The outpouring of people that helped Lilo reach her goal was amazing.
There really are good people still around. It warmed my heart (not in the acidic way)  as strangers offered up there Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs to see another succeed.
I, like most indie authors (I hate calling myself an author as my book is hidden in the depths of my laptop) have stumbled on a community of supporters. People are willing to help their fellow authors out of the kindness of their heart.
Competition does not fuel this community. We all want the other to succeed. (How many times can that be said? )
When I first started talking about Breaking Faith the amount of support strangers offered was staggering.
I have also found myself wanting to help anyone in this community out. I want others to succeed.
All of us understand the process in a different way. We have a story in our head that our brain cannot contain. It pushes us to insanity. Really, who else would shackle themselves to a computer or pen and paper? We have to get it down in some form. It isn’t a choice.
We recognize like minded (or crazy minded) as they reflect the same coffee (Diet Pepsi) stained clothing we are sporting.
Understanding the need to write spurs us on to assist another that has been infected by the writing bug (yes, that asshole.)
I have never felt so accepted (without having to flash the girls) than I have when finding indie authors.
There is still good people.
Fucking awesome amazing people.
This was all confirmed by Lilo’s event. I am honored to be a part of this community (even if I feel I am not there yet.)
I wanted to say good job to all of you out there that are repaying kindness or stockpiling it for later use.
Keep it up. You are making the world a better place by offering kindness, even if it is just a simple word of encouragement.

  1. mblaylock4 says:

    Love. This. Post.

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  2. I was happy to be a part of Lilo’s adventure, too. šŸ™‚ What a revolutionary woman, she proved to everyone that it’s not as cut-throat as others in the industry seem to perceive.


  3. denarogers says:

    Love this post Joy. My day job is one that I often see the worst in people and after so many years that can really wear on a person. I’ll admit I had become pretty jaded. Then I came into the Twitter world and have met and encountered so many good people. People I’d never met who helped me and offered advice and encouragement. It has really helped restore my faith in humanity. You’re right, we do want everyone to succeed.

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    • OMG, It was so much fun! You know how sometimes certain things in movies gives you chills, happy chills, and you get choked up, like you are about to cry, and you get a smile on your face, that you just can’t stop? I get that when I see people binding together toward a common goal. I also get that when I see someone’s dreams coming true. That is why I LOVE American Idol. Because I get to watch these kids’/young adults’ dreams come true. When I see one of them get on stage and deliver a stellar performance, I am so happy and proud they did well, and so glad the world gets to see it.

      I think that is what was happening with me on Thursday, and why everyone was having so much fun watching and helping.

      People often feel joy when they see someone else succeed, even it if just for a moment, or a day. That certainly has to restore your faith in humanity.


  4. realpeal says:

    Definitely a great post, Joy! As all who participated in Lilo’s promotion, I was happy to help, and thrilled at her success. I hope her book continues to climb in the ratings! And, Joy, you ARE a part of the indie community. Just hang in there – you’ll get it done! I know I’m looking forward to seeing your work published. šŸ™‚

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  5. Anne Marvin says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This community is amazing and is one of the very best aspects of the whole experience of writing a blog in anticipation of writing a book. Thank you to everyone who helped Lilo, and who helped me and Joy and all of you/us!

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  6. K.k. Allen says:

    You nailed it, Joy! I have the same warm fuzzies from this community. The support is amazing, and helping Lilo get SO close to her goal was an honor, inspirational, and great fun.


  7. louiseg12 says:

    Great post, Joy! We need to treasure our supporters and keep sharing the love šŸ™‚

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  8. Elle Boca says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your uplifting and inspiring thoughts. I have seen some of what you describe and it’s wonderful! I hadn’t heard of Lilo’s goal, but I hope she reached it.


  9. jenlanebooks says:

    What a fab post, Joy! This community is so encouraging. I first found community with authors from Omnific Publishing and now I’m finding it with self-published authors. It’s been uplifting! I definitely appreciate all of your support.

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