Adventures at the library

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today my neurotic awkward ass went out on an adventure. The library was hosting a local author event. My friend/editor/ inspiration Rebecca Fisher was invited to attend and promote her book “All The Wrong Places.




I went to support her. I wasn’t going to venture beyond her booth that would require me to have to act normal (my anxiety keeps a short leash on normalcy and I am very inappropriate.)
Rebecca urged me to go check out the romance section of the event. I am glad I did. I met some incredible ladies. Here they were in flesh and blood women in my genre that had the balls to press publish. It was inspiring. Not inspiring enough to have my index finger hovering over the mouse that is poised over the publish button inspiring, but inspiring none the less.
I shouldn’t have surprised me at how nice and supportive they were. I would like to give a shout out to all the women I met today. Unfortunately, I was unable to talk to all of them as the nakeds would have rebelled. Even my perverted imagination does not want to conjure up that image.
Catherine Bybee’s books are on the kindle daily deal today. (Sorry for the late notice. I blame it on the nakeds)

Laura T. Emery’s book will be on sale 1/18/2015

Lee Souleles

Kimi Flores her first book in this series is currently free

Patricia Leever

T.K. Leigh

Margaret Brownley

Anne Carter (my long lost client)

I won’t lie I enjoyed meeting these women. (I don’t want to say fellow authors as my neurotic ass will procrastinate with Breaking Faith for as long as I can 😉 )
I will read their books soon. (Like my TBR needed to be longer.) Reviews will follow. Another list that I need to work on.

On another note for those that know me you will be proud to note that I only uttered the word “fuck” once or twice. I will not go into how many times I used the word “vagina.”  All in all I would call that a good outing.

  1. Pam Ripling says:

    It WAS a fun day! And next time, you’ll be sitting there with us, RIGHT? I’m bummed that we didn’t get a chance to talk. Keep in touch!


  2. You are so sweet! Honestly, I was a huge neurotic mess the entire time. This was my first ever official author thing and I had to sit in my car get all my “fucks” out so they wouldn’t pop out of their own accord.


  3. Rebecca says:

    💜 you, Joy. Can’t wait to see you at a table. Thank you for showing up for me today. 😊 You’re awesome.


  4. You are sooo lucky….that’s it, I’m moving to Cali!!!!!


  5. jenlanebooks says:

    That’s great! Patty Leever and I have the same publisher and I would love to meet her and YOU!


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