The Prophecy…It’s live…..

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The synopsis….

In Books I and II of The Sanctum Trilogy, Madhuri Blaylock took readers on a treacherous journey full of intrigue and corruption, horror and despair, as she wove the tale of Dev and Wyatt, the hybrid demon created to destroy The Sanctum and her lover, once a warrior for The Sanctum, now a member of the mysterious sect of Magicals known as the Ramyan.

Their tale continues in Book Three: THE PROPHECY as battles wage, loved ones are lost, and the world seems on the brink of madness.

Culminating in explosive horror, one is forced to ask: after all of the blood and torture and pain and death, can there be any room for hope and wonder and life and love?


I can only imagine that Madhuri’s keyboard was molded out of some top secret material. This is the only way it could withstand the words pouring from her fingers, and luckily for us, landing on her computer screen. Madhuri wrote a blog post (I will hopefully find the link one day) where her mom asked about the author of the poetry in the beginning of the book. Madhuri explained to her mom she wrote it, but never realized it was poetry as she isn’t the biggest connoisseur (my words not Madhuri’s.)

It surprised me that she wouldn’t think of it as poetry. In my humble opinion all of her books are poetic. The connection between one sentence to another is more than just the makings of a paragraph.

Madhuri is a story architect. She strings words together to make sentences that make the foundation of an epic story. I feel wrong just calling it a book, because it was so much more. The flow of the paragraphs was flawless the story she built is exactly like the house Wyatt builds for Dev. (Sorry teeny tiny spoiler.)

I normally read on my elliptical. Everyday I hop on my trusty NordicTrack, and for an hour I immerse myself into somebody else’s world. I was unable to do that with The Prophecy. I found myself slowing down just so I could concentrate on the flow of the words. It felt like the book was one long sentence, the current like a river that ran together creating a beautiful story. I actually put notes in my Kindle on pages that blew my mind marking them as perfect.

I am sad and happy that this trilogy is over. It makes sense that it would end with The Prophecy. The Prophecy is what brought The Girl, and The Boy together. The beginning of their bond. I’m not saying that once this perfect union was together The Prophecy didn’t get a little jealous and tried to pull them apart (hey, no one is perfect. We have set friends up, and then lost them to the new relationship. It sucks.) This book had me laughing, and crying in certain places I did both at the same time. The bond between the characters gave me hope that the world will get it right one of these days. As long as good keep edging above evil, and love can conquer all we all have a chance. This story is a story of hope, love, and some freaking hot sex scenes. I can not recommend it enough.

  1. mblaylock4 says:

    Oh shit! My first review – I love you, Joy!! Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  2. Aquileana says:

    Great review, Joy!!!!~ Very intriguing…. All the best to you, Aquileana ⭐

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