Cover Reveal for Sky Watcher by Ella Emerson

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
My bestie just did a cover reveal for her book Sky Watcher. I am so proud of her. Go check it out

Allison Singleton divorces after her husband tells her he no longer loves her. Left to pick up the pieces she moves to Alabama with her sister.

Destined to be alone forever, her sister sets her up on a blind date with the sexy lawyer, Gavin McDermott.

He offers her a job on his mother’s chicken farm, and Allison accepts hoping it will be what she needs to find herself.

While working on the farm, she meets Gavin’s much younger brother, Luke.

Luke is full of life, and pursues Allison. She tries to fight her feelings for the country boy who is a whole ten years younger than her.

With a new sense of freedom, Allison soon discovers her heart has never fully understood love before.

Follow along as Allison discovers things about herself, and the brothers that will change her life forever.

In the midst of tragedy and turmoil, will she be able to find love in this world where anything is possible?



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