Corey Taylor, Disneyland, and ARCs

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It has been a crazy ass couple of weeks. I pushed myself to start checking off things on my checklist. Being me when things start to reach the electric wire of deadlines I go into self~sabotage mode.
I push off what I should be doing and start new projects. I put Breaking Faith on preorder

Amazon requires you to put your finished manuscript in ten days before the release date. August 8th Breaking Faith will be locked away with Amazon with no chance of making changes until after it is released on the 18th.
I wanted to have it out to the amazing blogs that requested ARCs (advanced reader copies) soon. Just in case there was a major error that needs to be fixed. I finished the proofs for Breaking Faith yesterday. Kristen Hope Mazzola formatted it for me and now it is in the hands of blogs to judge my story. Scary stuff.
I have a giveaway for an ARC in my release party page. If anyone is interested in entering.


I wanted to give the news that I finished Breaking Faith out first before telling you my adventures in self)sabotage mode.
So July 14th was my birthday. I had tickets to go see Corey Taylor that Sunday the 19th. So of course I ignored my laptop and the ticking bomb of a story locked away in it.
While in~line for Corey Taylor Southern California decided to fuck with my hair and pour rain down on my curls while the humidity made standing in~line miserable.


I have to tell you. I love Slip Knot. I love Stone Sour. I now love love love Corey Taylor. I loved him before so much so Killian “Kill” Taylor took his surname. For the first 45 minutes he did a question and answer with the audience. Seriously he just talked to us. Stupidly I didn’t think of a good question until after the show.
After the Q&A he took a break amd came back to do an acoustic show. He sang everything and the whole audience sang along. He captured my heart completely when he sang Pink Floyd. We all know how much I love them. So much so Donovan Gilmore “Van” the drummer of the JackholeS got his last name from the band.
The night was amazing. He sang Snuff which is one of my favorite songs and the night was amazing.
That night we got home at 2am. We decided what better way to procrastinate than to go to Disneyland. So at 6am we were on the road to the Happiest Place On Earth.
Normally I don’t post pics of the Famn Damily, but it was so much fun. Yes I am running off of maybe one hour of sleep. Don’t judge. I know I look awful.
This was B’s first time at Disneyland. Yes,.we are taking selfies while a four year old has the wheel and I am pressing the pedal to the floor.
Besides the awful time at California adventure where we waited in~line for an hour and a half just to get to the front and have the Car’s ride break down. B had the best day ever. He actually stated this twice with enthusiasm.
At one point I was crouched down with my knee up. Weird Captain Morgan stance. B was sitting on my knee. The Mad Hatter came over and say on B. He turned around and said, “I’m going to toot on you” The Mad Hatter made a raspberry with his mouth and bounced away.
B turned to me and screamed “best day ever”
He also got a high five from Pluto when he was walking by. As soon as hand touched paw B started jumping up and down screaming “best day ever” even the guy in the costume giggled.

Story of Space Mountain. I have no problem with roller coasters. My hands are normally extended to get the fullest rush. Except Space Mountain. It’s dark and the track is tight in that tiny space. I am terrified my arms will catch the other track. (I know this fear is unfounded. I don’t care) This explains the T~rex arms in the picture.
This marks a huge milestone for our family. I finally have someone to ride roller coasters with. It took C nine years to reach the required height. I have been waiting patiently for this day to come.

We got home from this little adventure around 2am. I had to work the next day at 9 am. Five hour massages later and I was tapping out. I felt that last birthday hit me that week.
After recovering I buckled down and finished Breaking Faith.
Now on to the blanket fort.

  1. jenlanebooks says:

    Exciting time for you and your son, Joy! 🙂

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