Don’t step off that cliff (hanger) !!!!!!

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It has been over a week and half since Breaking Faith went live. What a whirlwind. I knew it was going to be a roller coaster. Even with all the planning, I still felt like I was plummeting down a dark hole.
I’m finally starting to catch my breath.   The dust has started to settle from my landing into a published author category. Now the reviews are trickling in.
My brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around the fact that people are reading my book.
I can’t describe how weird it is to have people know my characters. Sure, when I am telling my face down naked patients about my book while running my elbow up and down their back I’m sharing my story, but now people I have never touched naked are learning about my characters.
Who The Fuck Are The JackholeS?
Can now be answered by over 200 people.
Yeah, it blows my mind too.
For people who have just been introduced into JackholeS territory I feel like I should explain some things. Everyone who has been with me through this journey so far already know my intentions with the JackholeS series. For you new comers lost in the craziness that is Joy’s World let me clear some things up.
Almost three years ago I wrote Breaking Faith. It was nearly 400k words long. I was new and didn’t do any research on word count. I just wrote my story. I didn’t expect to publish. How that came about is a whole other story.
I wrote Breaking Faith as a therapeutic exercise. At the time I was writing another book. A trilogy actually. When I was near the end of the first book I panicked. This story was all from my head. I created a whole new world and I explained mythological creatures in my own words. I wasn’t ready to share that story yet. So I stopped writing it 94k words into it.
I closed the document and opened another one. My fingers word vomited Breaking Faith. Obviously, I did not marry a lead singer of a band. I took some artistic liberties, but Faith and Jason’s story is close to my heart and memories.
I planned to make it two stories. When I finished Breaking Faith I spoke to other authors and realized I had a huge book on my hands. I broke it in half and shaved the first half down for two and half years.
People are upset it ended in a cliffhanger. The reason it did is because it’s half of what I wrote in one book. The first chapter I included of Surviving Faith was the original ending to Breaking Faith.
Dayna Elise talked me into ending it where I did. She has taken full responsibility for this choice.
I didn’t want people to hate me when I published the cliffhanger. I agonized and whined about it to anyone that would listen.  I tried to be prepared for the backlash I knew I would receive. I’m sorry to anyone who felt short changed in the ending.
Also, please know the second book is written. I need to add some scenes and polish it up before sending it to the editor, but it is done.
Also know the second book although it resolves most of the conflict it doesn’t resolve all of them. I leave one big conflict open.
Kill and Faith get three books. I have the covers for them and I can’t wait to unleash them on you. The third book Becoming Faith has four roughly written chapters done.
I promise the ending of Surviving Faith will not be as abrupt as Breaking Faith. Hopefully you will want more.
Also please know. After Kill and Faith I will write three more books in the JackholeS series.







If you were in front of me I would be able to tell you every story line for all of the books. They are done in my head I just need to put them to keyboard.
I want to thank everyone who has read Breaking Faith and is willing to give Surviving Faith a chance.  I promise you will not be let down.
This journey has started another incline and I’m ready to take it on. The amount of support has been tremendous. With you guys along for the ride, I am so excited to see what the JackholeS will do.

  1. I love that you have written this book. I am in now way upset that it is a cliffhanger!! I mean look at Gone With The Wind, one of the world’s biggest cliffy!! Who knows if she ever does get Rhett back.
    Anyways, I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see where this all takes you!


  2. Dayna says:

    I am Dayna Elise and I take full responsibility for convincing Joy to end the book with a cliffy!


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