I popped my author signing cherry

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

I haven’t been around lately because I was too busy freaking out about my very first signing.
Saturday, after a night of tossing and turning, I finally crawled out of bed done with pretending I was going to sleep. I showered and decided I was going to add cute hair chalk to my hair. Taking my time I ended up with bright purple streaks throughout my hair. When I tried to put it up in my signature messy bun I ran into a snag. The chalk made my hair un-tameable. I had to take another shower washing my hair of all my hard work.
I’m now in full panic mode. Being that I look in the mirror daily I know what I look like. I made the stupid mistake of asking Rebecca Fisher to share a table. She is gorgeous so my normal anxiety was notched up knowing I would be sitting next to her sexy butt.
Surprisingly there was no traffic on the way there. We were there extra early. My nerves kind of calmed as I helped people set up.

authors by the beach



Before the line of people came in I got to walk around and talk to most of the authors. Susan Ward was my neighbor and one of the funniest people I know. She was telling me she likes to photobomb people so I did a little of my own.
You can find her amazing books at

Susan Ward


I also met Andrea Smith and bribed her with a baby bottle of vodka to be my friend.

I met Sylvia Day and my bestie Ella Emerson wanted me to take a picture with her so I did better and brought Flat Ella along for the picture. Seriously people Sylvia is one of the prettiest people I have ever seen. Her hair is perfect.

I didn’t get to talk too much to Allie Juliette Mousseau, but I fed her daughter chocolate all day. (Sorry, she was just too cute to say no to.)

Audrey Harte, F.T Zele

Audrey Harte reminded so much of my cousin I may have scared her as much as I stared at the poor thing. I tried to get D. Kelly drunk but she had to leave early. I have plans to snag her one of these days to make her drink with me. Ginger Scott was super nice and I wish we could have talked more. Jaci Wheeler was across from me and so tiny I could have fit her in my pocket.  Jennifer Raygoza and J.L. Drake had some of the coolest covers at the signing. Kimberly Knight was super nice and I wish I could have talked to her more also. K. Renee had some of the sexiest covers. Lesley Jones was behind me and the poor thing had to keep seeing my darn butt crack the whole signing. My pants were not wanting to stay up. Marialisa deMora hands down had the greatest hair. I am a sucker for pigtails. Mary Elizabeth was not at her table when I went over to her. She writes Twilight fan fiction that went big time. M. Stratton had the coolest swag (Bloody forks baby) Selene Chardou wasn’t around when I went to her table either. It was T.A. Roth’s first signing ever. She should have been writing the sequel to her first book. Damn her that ending.  T.J. West was adorable with her models. I had so much fun with her at the after party. I’ve met T.K. Leigh before at another signing. She was so cute with her little tinker bump. V.E. Avance was right across from me. She was super nice and I am excited to announce I will be in her signing in Fresno in 2017. Yay!

The models were too pretty to even talk to so I didn’t even pretend. Lol

Thank you Azeely Bass and Cherry Hurtado for breaking my signing cherry. It was such a great event and I can’t wait for the next one.

Jenna Galicki made the cutest print for all the readers and authors to take around and have it signed. Thank you


I was super excited to meet Jodi Murphy. She has been a huge help preparing me for the signing. She brought her nieces who were adorable. I only got one to take picture with me the other was running around helping her aunt. image

The peace sign was for my number one stalker Kimberly. Hi Kimberly. image

Jodi took a picture of me signing one of my books. Don’t I look professional? lol


CJ from CJ book Blog found me. image

  1. barrett171 says:

    What a wonderful day. Wish I were there (only 10,000 miles from Sydney, as the crow flies hehe. ) I always love your descriptions tho. It’s like I am there anyway. R


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