Life will come back to bite you in the ass

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

So going off my last post Mugshot of a Hymen Thief

I wanted to share another screwed up Joy story with you. I might lose some readers off of this one and that sucks, but it is a funny story. I know I’m not the only one who has crazy stories so let me share a weird story.

The summer after my senior year of high school, and right before I went into my first year of college, I met a lifeguard. He wasn’t the smartest guy, but he signed my best friend and I into the park every day all summer. We went out a couple times during the summer but when summer was over and park was closed we lost contact with each other. He was my rebound after the Hymen Thief. The HT left me heart broken. I thought he was the one, and at the time moving on didn’t seem possible. That summer I did a lot of growing up and finding out how to move on when life didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.

Well, let me change my statement we lost contact until the first day of my public speaking class . My lifeguard was the first person I saw when I walked in. It was super awkward and kind of fucked up. My teacher thought I was crazy when I couldn’t stop giggling as she went over the syllabus.

After that summer I was trying to find my way. I was lost, and that is actually how I ended up in Texas instead of staying in college. That is another story. I am writing this to let you laugh, not to get you down.

Flash-forward 12 some odd years.

I was reading on the couch and Undercover Boss was on T.V. I will not reveal which episode it was because I don’t need anyone Youtubing that shit. LOL

I heard his voice, and immediately knew it was him. During public speaking I heard him stumble over his speeches while the class cringed and the teacher seemed to have to stop herself from stopping him and giving him a hug. I lowered my book and asked J.M. if his name was ———. J.M. pressed rewind and sure enough his name was ———-. J.M. looked at me and asked how I knew his name, I then had to admit he was my lifeguard from a million years ago.

It was extremely embarrassing and J.M. will never let me live it down. Damn lifeguards they will come back and haunt you when you least expect it. Life is funny bringing people back in your life even if it is a glimpse of someone on t.v. With the last two posts I have published I am starting to see how far I have grown. My self-esteem still isn’t where it used to be but it is getting better. I think publishing has helped me a lot. I was so scared to put Breaking Faith out into the Kindle world. Afraid of what people would think about it and what they would think about me. There is truth in the abuse that I made Faith endure. Now that it is out and there is no turning back I am slowly getting my confidence back. I don’t know if I will ever be the girl that picked up a lifeguard just to get into a water park for free during the summer but I’m ok with that.

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