Who created earth?

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Normally I don’t post things about touchy subjects. I’m not a fan of water, so rocking the boat doesn’t seem like a great idea. I also don’t like talking about the spawns because I want to protect the things. They ruined my body and took nine months to make. I don’t want to ever have to do that again. So keeping them safe from the internet seems like a must.
This story happened yesterday and I wanted to share it.
This post is not here for people to criticize my parenting (I do that enough myself) or say nasty things about my children. This was a special conversation and I wanted to share it with you.
C is 9 years old.
B will be 4 next month.
We are in the car going to school.

B…Mom, I was too small. I can’t remember who created earth.

Me…(fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk. I am not ready for this conversation. It’s 8 am in the morning. I haven’t had coffee or brushed my hair. Maybe I can pretend I didn’t hear him.)

C…well B there are a lot of different explanations.

Me…(I’m going to keep quiet and see where this goes)

C…first you have the god explanation

B…who’s god?

C…he manages heaven.

B…the sky?

C…that’s what some people think. Then some Indian tribes think it was created by twin brothers battling. Other Indians have different stories. I think one was about a snake. Then some believe the big bang.

B…what’s that?

C… Where gasses collided and made the planet. We were tiny fish that evolved into what we are now.

B…oh, is that why I like water?

C…Maybe. But really, B I think you should believe whatever makes you happy and makes you a better person.

B…ok. Hey C what’s the name of your football team?

C…I don’t know. I will find out tomorrow at my first practice.

B…(his flag football team is the dolphins) I think you should be the whales

C…that’s a good one B.

That conversation was so amazing to me. To sit there and listen to the innocence between two brothers. Where they aren’t bogged down with beliefs of who is right or better. I can’t explain how proud I was of C for taking the initiative to help explain things to his baby brother and getting me off the hook of a very sticky conversation.

I’m sure this doesn’t sit right with some of you and for that I’m sorry, but to me there couldn’t have been a more perfect explanation.

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