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So, I live in Santa Clarita, and as anyone on Twitter knows we had a school shooting.

Thankfully, my kids go to school across town. No, I’m not going say how scared I was, and all that shit. There are plenty of people here using this to get attention, and I refuse to use any tragedy for my personal attention. It’s like in high school when someone dies and EVERYONE was there best friend.

I’m also not going to get in on my thoughts on guns. This post will have nothing to do with gun policies. This will be about the kids.

I think maybe we need to focus on why the kids are doing this. Just like years ago when we coined the term, postal. When postal workers would go in guns blazing. We found out what was making these workers go off the deep end, and addressed it. Also, the media didn’t make it a god damn circus. No notaritity here.

I have kids, I have three in different stages of life. One out of high school, one almost done with middle school, and one going into 4th grade. I see their friends, and classmates, and noticed a lot of them don’t have coping mechanism.


Kids have a lot on their plates. School, sports, and social media. They have to keep up or get lost. We aren’t giving them the availability to learn to cope. They don’t understand how to deal with the stress pushing down on them , and I truly think we need to address this.

(Also, on a different note,I feel trade schools should come back in tenfold. Kids getting pushed into college where they don’t belong, but have to go through to make anything of themselves in adulthood. )

Sorry, back to topic. If we’re going to put this stress on these kids help them learn how to cope with Teach them to deal with disappointment, because that’s life. We need to give them tools on how to channel their stress on a healthy way, and sometimes the answer isn’t sports or go outside.


A lot of these kids don’t have consequences. They don’t fail at sports, everyone gets a trophy. If they do something bad, it isn’t their fault. Kids need consequences. They need to understand that their actions and words affect others. When bad things happen and they have to face their consequences theu don’t know how to cope with it.


Kids see social media of people living their best life. (Especially in Santa Clarita, where most people are up to their necks in debt, but pretending life is perfect, while popping pills just to make it through the day) Kids need to learn to be content with what they have. I’m not saying to stop striving to make your life better, or reach for your dreams, I’m saying enjoy the journey. Be happy in what you have, learn to appreciate what you have, and be happy. Stop worrying about what others have, and what you have and want. Don’t compare. Be you, and be happy.

The three C’s aren’t going to fix all these kids problems, but I feel like it would be a step in the right direction.