Here it Goes!!!!

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Two years ago I started to write a book. A paranormal YA that has my take on mythical creatures.  One day I was listening to the radio and Halestorm came on, I was instantly in love. I decided to stop writing my other book and embarked on writing what I am now referring to as my Rock-n-Roll romance.  “Breaking Faith” Having never written a book before, I had no idea how long a book was supposed to be. When I finished the last line, I was well over 406,000 words.  People were appalled at how many words I had written down. I already had an outline, for another book wanting it to a two part series, silly me for trying to make plans, I have now realized I do not drive the bus, in my journey of being an author.

I have now split the first book into two, “Breaking Faith, Surviving Faith”  and I am currently removing many many words to make it some semblance of a normal sized novel. How did I come up with such a long book plot? You ask. I am stuck in a dark room with naked people four days a week. Yes, I am a massage therapist, and when one of my patients stubbornly decide they want to enjoy their massage by relaxing and not talking to me for an hour (honestly people talk to your therapists) I have plenty of uninterrupted time while rubbing a naked asses to come up with a plot. In case you haven’t notice, I am very inappropriate and my responses although I find them witty normally edge along the perverted line. (There are days I think I have the mentality of a 13 year old boy.)

I also am a huge talker, I was telling every available person (normally they are naked and face down, unable to escape…evil laugh) about the book I had finished. I would have been perfectly fine never doing more than talking about this damn book, except my mouth got me in trouble. I had patients ask me if they could read it, stupidly I said, yes. I started to get feedback that it was actually a good story, still I would have been fine not taking it any farther. While I was on the elliptical one day I got a tweet, any distraction while working out is something I will stop and check. The tweet was from my now friend Lilo Abernathy, telling me that she had written a book. I told her that I would check it out immediately, but she wanted to give me her spiel, saying that “she wanted to work for it.” I read her book, but made the mistake of telling her about “Breaking Faith.”  Being the amazing awesome person she is, she decided to take me under her wing and help me self publish my book. She increased my Twitter followers more than double, and stated to get my name out there. I now have people actually asking where they could find my book, and upset when I explained that it was being edited and not out yet. I had others tell me that they couldn’t find my website (again it was not available)

“Breaking Faith” is being edited, and the cover is being created by It will get out there soon. Hopefully I will be able to update all of my wanna-be –readers so they will know what is happening with the book, and not give up on me. CAM00220-1

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