Hopeless romantic, with a perverted soul.

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

I recently had a conversation with a client, that has been on my mind ever since, and so I decided to post about it. I apologize this will be a lot of rambling, but you should be used to that by now.

While I was massaging him, we were talking about my book, and I was explaining how I love, love. I actually get upset when celebrities break-up. I want to see people in love and have it stick.  One of my favorite things to talk about in the massage room is how my client met their significant other.

During this conversation, he said.

“Do you know what I miss? I miss the beginning of a relationship.”

I answered right away, that I knew exactly what he was talking about. It is not that he wanted to cheat on his wife, but just missed the initial stage of love. I started to ramble, and explained to him that is one of the reasons why I write romance.

Everyone knows that feeling when you first meet someone that you instantly connect with. (or I at least I hope everyone has, and it doesn’t have to be someone that is good for you because I have been there also) Your heart beats a little faster, and your stomach flutters when you know you are going to talk to them.

Then there is the first kiss. (spoiler alert. Faith and Killian “Kill” do not kiss until the end of the second book.) The first kiss is one of my absolute favorite things. The anticipation when they lean in to connect their lips to yours. The seconds right before you make contact, when you are wondering what type of kiss you are about to receive.

Is he going to be gentle? a sweeping of the lips.

Is he going to be hard? The physical emotion so strong it manifests through the kiss itself

where will his hands go? gripping your hair, your shoulders, your waist, your…….

I have been told that I invest too much into the thought of the first kiss, but hey, I am me and you get what you get. Because I have such an investment for the first kiss, I made Faith and Kill wait until it was just right. I have had a couple people read the book, and they said they wanted them to kiss immediately but when I finally have them kiss my readers understand. The anticipation allows you to wonder just what is going to happen, and when it finally becomes a reality it is never what you expected. Sometimes it is awful, or uncomfortable, or the sparks that you thought you felt disappears, so to me that makes the anticipation moments before the actual act the best part.

My client and I had a very in depth conversation, on this subject. He couldn’t believe that I was such a romantic, because of my perverted sense of humor. I explained that I hide the romantic part of me, because it is also the sensitive part that can be shattered when love doesn’t conquer all. It did make me happy that I wasn’t the only one that loves the feeling of the initial love.

I am not saying that being in a commented relationship is a bad thing, because it isn’t. I also know there are people talking to their computer screens right now either saying “you have to work at keeping that feeling” or “I still have that feeling, with my significant other.” I get it, and good for you but that ability to keep the love going has to be from how strong the feelings were from the beginning. Maybe they were so strong, that you are able to recall it, almost like a muscle memory, allowing the endorphin’s to rush through your body giving you that giddy first love feeling.

I told you this would be rambling. I don’t expect anyone to actually read this whole thing. Lol

I just wanted to explain why I made Kill and Faith wait so long for their first kiss. I feel very strongly about it, and I have to say that when they finally do kiss, in my mind, it is perfect.

Ok I am going to end this now, if anyone is still reading.

  1. barrett171 says:

    The only sad bit is that there aren’t more girls like you in this world. Thanks, enjoyed reading that. So true.


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