A true statement

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I uttered three words that rocked my world. I don’t think this is going to be an interesting or fun post (I urge you to actually stop reading here.) This is more of a rambling of twaddle, or claptrap (my two new favorite words. I love words that sound nasty but aren’t. Arrector Pili is my favorite) Am I the only person that has words like this? I hope not. . .

What was I saying? Oh, yeah three words. I did actually say these out loud today, to my most mysterious friend I will call them MysteryS. I also have this obsession of giving people nicknames. It is so bad that I don’t have a real name in my contacts on my phone. I also give all of my clients nicknames. Some of them make no sense except to me, but I know people, I see them naked (some of my nicknames you would only understand if you saw my clients naked.)

Wait where was I? Oh, yeah three world rocking words. Deep breath,

I miss writing.

What were you expecting me to say? So I was rambling to MysteryS, and at one point I say

I miss writing 

I actually stopped, and let that statement hit me. Let me tell you it shook me to the core. I understand that editing, and marketing is very important. I am sure most of you are thinking that if I edited this post, I would catch all the grammatical errors, but well . . . screw you ( I just stuck my tongue out at the computer screen, because I am a grown up)

I miss my characters. I miss getting into a story, and seeing what will happen next, as it organically flows through my fingers.

In 2012 I found this website that once a month would do these writing prompts, and you had to finish the story in 500 words or less. I freaking loved the hell out of that site. I was never able to keep it under 500 words, because well I talk and write a lot. That is not the point, it was so much fun. The website started charging to see the prompts, so I stopped doing them.

I forgot all about this until last night.

I went into my dinosaur of a computer, and found the stories that I did finish, when I was able to get the prompts. They aren’t the best stories I have created, but they were my start. Reading them put a smile on my face. You could tell I was enjoying it. It was new to me, and just allowing my mind to create something was mind blowing.Those stupid little prompts made I realized how much I enjoyed writing, and also reading the other’s posts, I got to see how many different ways a story could go. Mine just like everyone else’s were unique, and it was eye opening.

People commented on some of my stories that they liked my take on the prompt.  That made me think about actually writing the story that was running around in my head. Like I said I forgot all about these until last night. I stayed up way to late getting them off of my dinosaur, and onto my laptop.

I know the editing, revamping, and marketing parts are also important. I will give them the respect that they deserve to receive in the writing process, but the writing is my absolute favorite part, and I can not wait to get back to that section.

Yeah, so this post sucked. SORRY. . .

I wrote more to this post, and erased it. It was how one client received the nickname Mr. Pretty Penis. It didn’t really go with this so I erased it. Who knows maybe I will write it another time.

I really hope nobody actually read this whole thing. It was just something I have been thinking about since I said those three words today, and wanted to get them off my chest.

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