Best night of my life

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

While I was driving around today, Halestorm came on the radio. Anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows that I love music. I am always singing, and blasting music around me. (I am in no way a good singer, but I don’t really care)

Halestorm, right now is my favorite band. It takes a lot to get me to change something to my favorite, and I can’t see Lzzy being knocked out anytime soon. 

Hearing Halestorm on the radio, on my ringtone, or just on my playlist, makes me happy.  

I got to see Halestorm at the Wiltern last year.  In fact, that is when my bathroom selfie that I plaster all around was taken. That night was almost a year ago, and it was the greatest night ever. 

I don’t know if you know this, but I really don’t have a lot of friends. ( I actually wrote a post, about why I love all of my internet friends. It made me sound really pathetic, so it is stuck in my drafts. Maybe one day, I will post it, because I love you internet friends.) All of the people I go anywhere with, are clients, or my family.

Now, in that select few, none of them like the same music I do. My dilemma, who was going to go with me?

I called in the one person that is always there for me. Yes, I called my mom. I took my mom to a rock show, and it fucking rocked. 

(I made sure we were there hours, before we needed to be.)

While we were waiting in line, I look over, and Lzzy and Joe walk by to go into the venue. My mind stopped. I helplessly watched them walk by, forgetting how to use my damn tongue. Nobody else noticed them, there I was in all my mute glory pointing uselessly at them. My mom having no idea what I was dragging her into, had no idea why her daughter was standing slack jaw with her finger pointing at two random people. 

When I got my wits back, they had disappeared. 😦

I started doing the patent Joy happy dance. (Yes, it is a real thing.) Now that my brain was back I excitedly started telling my mom. She was laughing at me as I explained,and I am pretty sure she patted me on the head to placate me.

The people in front of us turned around, and I started making friends. It was a dad with his three kid, and it turns out this awesome dad, was a DJ. I can’t remember where, and he was telling us that he interviewed Lzzy, and Arejay, and was going to go do the meet and greet. He had a son, that was around 16, and it was his birthday. The DJ dad told Lzzy, and she said that she would give him a hug when they did the meet and greet. (this is another reason I love Halestorm)

I was telling the kid how freaking lucky he was, as he turned bright red. The bright red kid asked if they were going to be able to go straight into the venue, or if they would have to get back in line. The dad told him that it depended on the rules of the venue, and sometimes you have to go to the end of the line. I like any person with morals told them that if they had to go back outside after the meet and greet, their spots in front of us were saved.

It was sad how shocked he looked. He said he would try and get something signed for me. They left, and I didn’t think anything of it. I just saw it as a nice gesture. They came back, and I moved down so they could get back in line. They were telling us about the meeting, and DJ dad fucking handed me a picture of the band and all of them had signed it. He even told them that they had a super fan out side named Joy. Halestorm has freaking heard of me, people. 

I was flying.

So, we get inside, and after my mom yelled at the security guard checking her purse because he smushed her Tums. (true story) I go to the restroom, the Joy happy dance may have also been a cross of the peepee dance. 

I get in line to get into the stage area, and there is my freaking mom at the guardrails. She is waiving at me, yelling “Is this ok, Sissy?”

I yell back “Fuck yeah”

Now my enthusiasm catches the lady in front of me. She turns around, and says

“This show is going to fucking rock” and puts out her hand for a high five.

I agree with her statement and high five her back.

She then puffs her chest out, to get a chest bump ( I know you think I am cool, I am not. I had to pep talk myself into performing this move. It sounded something like,

you are at a rock concert, you can fucking chest bump someone, get on that shit

 So, I do.

How do I explain what happened next . . .

Ok, do you remember those bracelets, that are straight and you slap them on your wrist, and they would wrap around?

Yeah, that happened. She held me tight, and I couldn’t do a damn thing. She then releases me, and happily skips through the crowd. 

When I reach my mom. She is leaning against the guardrail laughing. She looks at me, and asks

“Are you pregnant, am I going to be a grandma?” 

That’s my mom.

So the opening act comes on, and whatever.

Then they come onstage, and . . . Fuck they are awesome. 

My mom like most moms thinks that I am pretty. She cracks me up, and I can’t tell her that she is wrong, because well . . .I am not a teenager anymore. She keeps telling me that Joe the guitar player was staring at my boobs. I tried to explain to her that the lights make it nearly impossible to see anything at the crowd. She would not hear it.

All night it was “Sissy, he is staring at your boobs.” 

“No, mom he is not.”

It didn’t help my cause when he flicks a guitar pick, and it bounces off of my boob. You know moms, with their I told you so look, yeah totally got that look. 

No, I didn’t catch it, or the second one that bounced off the same spot.

Yeah, my mom was all over that. 

So, Arejay the drummer takes off his shirt, and my mom tells me 

“If I was twenty years younger.” It was my turn to lean on the guardrail laughing.

I got her back with “I am” 

(I need to tell you. Arejay, is happily with love with his fiance Jessie Covet’s.)

Arejay goes down the crowd, and gives everyone high fives. I have to admit that when I touched Arejay, I went total thirteen year old fan girl. Screaming, jumping the whole fucking thing, and I am not ashamed. 

I look over at my mom, and tell her that I high fived Arejay, and she tells me she did too. My mom is awesome. 

That night was fucking amazing, and I had to write about it.  \m/ \m/ slap braceletCAM00263

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