I hugged Lzzy Hale

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

If you have read my posts you all know how much I adore Halestorm. Seriously, favorite band.


Last Friday I saw them for the second time. I made JM go with me so he could keep me from embarrassing myself (he did not do his job very well)


So the first bands Royal Thunder was good, the guitar player is super yummy and the lead singer has some pipes.


Yeah, I have a thing for beards.
The next band Rival Son’s were really good too. The lead singer wiggled his way into my heart when he took off his shoes when he overheated on stage. Barefoot girl all the way. I do not wear shoes ever. I am known as the barefoot massage therapist.


When the openers finished I started jumping. I may have bruised JM because I kept punching him in the arm screaming” I’m in the same building as Lzzy fucking Hale”
So the band comes out. I love them all. Lzzy, Joe, Josh, and Arejay. There is something about this band that makes me happy. I sang screamed and jumped the whole show. They are amazing. I wish I could describe my love for this band. So the set ends they were phenomenal.
In the parking lot we say in the Highlander (William Wallace) because it was crazy insane. I asked JM if he would take me over to the tour buses to take a picture. JM being the awesome guy he is took me. So here I am standing at this fence it the back of the Grove ibn Anaheim taking bus pictures. I ditched my shoes and was in my socks.


So I look over and Joe and Josh are on the patio drinking. I freaked out. When I pointed them out people started talking. They didn’t recognize them. I was like “seriously people? Did you not go to the same show?” JM explained some people don’t love the band like I do (whatever)
So after awhile taking to the people at the fence and staring at Joe and Josh I turned to tell JM I was ready to leave. I’m not the type of person to get starstruck. I’ve massaged moviestars I don’t go crazy.(like I said there is something about this band. I can’t think of anyone I would geek out on except Lzzy)
While we are turning to leave some dude comes out to tell us Lzzy is coming to the fence.
I panicked. I love her so much I couldn’t handle it.
I told JM let’s go
I was facing him not the fence
He tells me “Joy, Lzzy’s coming”
Me..”I know let’s go. I can’t meet her.”
JM…”no, Lzzy is coming”
Me.. “I know let’s go”
JM.. “turn around”
I do. Lzzy is walking straight toward me. I freak out. A 33 year old women geeked the fuck out.
She was sick so she couldn’t talk (she actually cancelled her next couple performances)
She walks up to me and I look at her and say
“I love you!”  (Yes, I made a damn foo of.myself. Wait it gets worse)
JM tells her “she’s probably your biggest fan”
I stare at Lzzy and say
“No, I love you. I wrote a book, and mentioned your music”
Lzzy whispers “WOW”
What do I do!  I verbally vomit on her.
“Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything to violate copyright laws. You don’t have to sue me….” I was screaming in my head (shut up Joy)
She laughed. I look at her.
“can I hug you?”


She shook her head yes. JM didn’t get it, but it happened. (Fucking JM)
So the bodyguard dude said she needed to move on.
Lzzy steps like six inches away to the next person.
I look at JM
“Did I just hug Lzzy”
Me..”holy fuck”
JM…you’re not going to pass out are you?”
Lzzy looked at me and laughed. I told her I loved her one more time, and she walked down the fence, sick, and greeted everyone there. She was nice. Yay! I picked right.
Arejay came out, but was wrapped up on his wife Jesse.
On the way home I asked JM why he didn’t stop me from geeking out.
JM…you were too far gone. Once you started there was no stopping you.
Me…why didn’t you get more pictures?
JM…I kind of geeked out with you. I have never ever seen you like that. I was so happy for you, I kind of geeked on you.
So that was my night. Lzzy is incredible. Halestorm is amazing. Seriously, check them out.
Here is a link to my first time seeing them.

  1. Dayna Elise says:

    this makes me soooo happy!!! I’m glad you got to have a Lzzy hug!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s so cool 🙂
    Only discovered Halestorm a few months back, been mainlining it since then.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Donn says:

    Congrats! I bet you were in heaven.


  4. bigdaddy1956 says:

    Congrats Joy. I bet you were in heaven.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. dylanjmorgan says:

    So cool you got to meet Lzzy up close. I love Halestorm too, seen them twice, can’t wait until the next time they come around. Here’s Love Bites that I filmed on my phone last time I saw them. Fantastic live band. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96arMFMVQ7k


  6. […] onstage. This of course happened when I fangirled the fuck out of her in June. Here is that story I hugged Lzzy Hale I made my mom stand in front of the sign with the book. Don’t mind her hand she fell at a […]


  7. Paul says:

    That’s so cool when you get to meet someone you idolize and they are cool about how geeky we as fans can be. 🤘🤘


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