October Madness.

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

For two weekends in a row I have got to totally nerd out.

Last weekend was the La Brea Tarpits. I am still in love with my sloth. We are happy.

This weekend I went with one my friends to go see, Bodies: the exhibition, and Titanic.

Before my friend became my friend she was first my client. I was able to show her on the cadavers where her trouble spots were.

I love the human body (sloths also). I totally nerded out on the cadavers. The human body is one of my favorite things, and getting to see cadavers flayed apart is kind of sort of awesome. I have actually seen the exhibit before in Vegas, but it was still fascinating.

The Titanic exhibit was incredible, and sad. Before you enter the exhibit you are given a boarding pass. These passes are replicas of what the real boarding passes looked like. On the back you are given the name and other information of the passenger you are supposed to be. At the end of the exhibit there is a wall with the names of all the survivors and victims on the ship. You are able to search the wall to find out if you survived or perished.


I was a seven year old second class passenger. My name was Miss Eva Miriam Hart. If you are curious I survived.

The Titanic exhibit was hard for me to go through. It was extremely heart breaking, and I felt weird being entertained by dead peoples stuff. When I got home I was very melancholy, and it took awhile to shake the mood off.

My other friend who is helping me edit Breaking Faith kidnapped me to go see a movie on Thursday. (Seriously if you have not read her book I highly recommend it. You can follow her on Twitter @rfisherbooks) This is her book cover…all the wrong places RF

The movie we watched was very violent, and nasty gory. I am more of a comedy kind of girl. This movie wasn’t really my style (in all fairness it wasn’t Rebecca’s either)

I joked with her and asked if, “She tricked me into watching the movie, because I made her read all my vagina references”

We talked a little bit about my book. I felt guilty that I hadn’t really done anything with the edits she had given me. I have been on a hiatus from Breaking Faith. I think I may have mentioned this before.

Today, I kicked that hiatus to the curb. I finished most of the edits that she has given me, and will work the rest of them when I post this sucker.  So that is my update. Rebecca you can rest soundly knowing that all your hard work is not going to waste. 🙂

  1. denarogers says:

    I’ve been to a similar Titanic exhibit and loved it, although it was very sad.


  2. mblaylock4 says:

    You and my dad could probably spend the day together, dorking out at Bodies: The Exhibition. It’s one of his favorites. The Titanic exhibit sounds both interesting from a historical perspective and from a human perspective, like you mentioned, so very sad. I’m glad your seven-year old passenger survived (and quite surprised as well).

    Liked by 1 person

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