Making friends with monsters.

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Halloween has lived up to its reputation this year. It crept up behind us and screamed BOOOO. I cannot believe that the end of October has arrived, and will now slink away in the dead of night. Of course, it will be drunkenly stumbling (doing an impression of John Wayne’s walk) on ten inch heels, with make-up smeared, its tiny costume riding up in very dangerous places, and its dignity somewhere at the bottom of a pumpkin laced alcohol soaked red solo cup. (good-bye Halloween. See you next year.)

There is an on going joke with my family, that I make friends with the weirdest people. My family has told me if anyone could make friends with a serial killer, it would be me. I argue that I do not have serial killer friends because really I don’t have many friends. When I try to argue my point a Halloween story always comes up. I made friends with a monster, and I will never live it down.

Nine years ago a handful of my family and friends decided to go to Knott’s Scary Farm.


When I go to these type of places I shut down all emotions. I could be mistaken for a zombie with as much emotion as I show. I am guessing this is some type of coping mechanism (there were clowns lurking about. Fuck that.) One of my very good friends had no problem screaming at the top of her lungs. It was entertaining watching her jump and scream at the characters that jumped out at her.

At one of the last mazes we were going through, a werewolf jumped out at me.  I didn’t flinch.

The poor guy must have been having a bad night.

He threw up his hands,and stated “I quit.”

I reached out, and comforted him, “No, you were really scary. I just don’t get scared at these things. It’s not you, it’s me”

Dejected werewolf, “I was crouched in that space waiting for you. I am not good at this. I quit.”

Me, “No, don’t quit. You were really scary.”

Sad werewolf, “Nope, you didn’t even flinch.”

Me, “Ok, listen. See that girl in the sweater. (my terrified screaming friend) She screams at everything. I promise she will scream. Go get her.”

Tired werewolf, “It’s no use. I quit.”

Me, “Please, do it for me. Now, if she doesn’t scream, then you may want to consider finding another profession.”

Determined werewolf, “Ok,”

He runs up behind my friend,and sure enough she lets out a blood curdling scream.

He then surprises us all. He turns around runs back to me and gives me a hug before running off screaming thank you in his wake.

I then turned into the sideshow.

All of my friends,and family were staring at me in confusion. When I joined them I was bombarded with,

“Did that werewolf hug you?”

“Did what just happen, really happen?”

and of course….

“Only you would make friends with a monster.”

This is a true story, and it is brought up at least once a year.

While I was writing this, one detail started to bug me. Why did everyone let me lag behind? My family knows that if I am left to my own devices trouble normally ensues. I am going to have to ask them about this.

Happy Halloween….. 🙂

  1. I am the exact same way, I walk through a haunted house unscathed. I think it is because I know it is fake (maybe?).


  2. jenlanebooks says:

    Freaking hilarious! I would be your screaming friend in that scenario. Glad you made the werewolf’s day.


  3. LA Edwards says:

    I never knew Knott’s Berry Farm even had a scary farm! Great post!!


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