A Halloween chicken….

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had a massive Joy moment on Halloween, and I am going to tell you all about it.

I was talking to my friend (we will call them Misty) about my Halloween outfit. I didn’t want to spend a shit ton of money on a Halloween costume, so I plunged into the dark recesses of hell (known as the back of my closet) for something to wear. I pulled out two plaid skirts and thought, school-girl?


I was talking to Misty, and explained that I put on the two skirts but chickened out, and would not be wearing them out. I had the urge for about half a second to put the pictures on Twitter. Being neurotic, I started firing off questions to Misty.

The main question being….

Would I be soliciting stalkers?

Misty’s response was “You’ll get a blog post out of it, no matter what you do.”

(I should warn you that Misty seems to know everythinggggggggggg. Like always, they were right.)

I couldn’t help but wonder, if by posting pictures of me in all my holiday spirit, would I be asking for trouble? Would the Richard (dick) pics (thanks Catfish, and Kayti) start popping into my DM?

Would it be my fault?

In my mind….Yes. If the Richards started plunging into my DM, I would feel responsible for them. (No, I wouldn’t take them into my care and feed them, or pet them. I may try to find them a good home though. None the less, I would feel responsible for their appearance.) I am sure some women are cringing, thinking that it would be the Richard senders fault, not mine. The dick pick senders are the only ones that can control their actions, I didn’t make them take out their phone (or have their buddy take out their phone) and snap a picture of their pride (and Joy?) in order to send it to me. I agree everyone’s actions can only be owned by that person, but I have to assume that by posting pictures of me in a school-girl outfit, I would be opening the door for people to think I would be the type of person to enjoy their uhmmm…..glory staff. I am not saying it is right, I am just saying this is the norm of the internet.

Would I be able to complain about the DM’s requesting to be my principal?

Answer…Not really, but at least it would be somewhat of a witty response.

I feel I should explain, that in no way at all do I think that I am good looking. I have self-esteem issues that could fill a skyscraper, but I do have a way of attracting some strange creepers. By posting pictures of me dressed up for a holiday known for women dressing more provocative than normal, would my creep magnet become stronger?

I decided not to find out.

I have a feeling though that this post would be a lot more interesting if I did.

The dick pic seems to be 2014’s equivalent of a construction workers cat-call/whistle. Women don’t enjoy it, but they have started to realize it is bound to happen. This isn’t all women though, just like the strong willed woman that would go up to a construction worker and punch his lights out there are women that are standing up (yes, I know) against the dick pic crazy. I tried to be one of those women, and posted my thoughts on dick pics earlier this year.


I hate to say this post did not stop them from wandering into my DM. Sadly, I am sure that this will not be my last post pertaining to Richard pics. So, for the sake of another post (and I really don’t have anything profound to end on) here they are. Happy belated Halloween…..

CAM01516-1 Yes, the face is on purposeCAM01527-1CAM01526-1

  1. wccunningham says:

    I live such a sheltered life, lol. Great post as always.

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  2. knrwrites says:

    Cute outfit and great post!

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  3. jenlanebooks says:


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  4. denarogers says:

    I’m jealous, no dick pics in my DM for me 🙂 Kidding! Kept me laughing.

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