Dream a little dream

Posted: December 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am positive I am not the only person that has full blown movie dreams. I am talking fully cast with actor/actresses (credits do not roll at the end.)
I have movie dreams a couple (if not more) times a year. Years ago I had a dream staring Chevy Chase. It had something to do with a hotel. Unfortunately, I do not remember the plot of this dream, but it was hilarious. How do I know that it was hilarious? Because I woke myself up laughing. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was unable to stop giggling.
I was sad that I couldn’t remember the plot of that particular dream as it entertained me for quite awhile.
Fortunately, I had another dream that entertained me and I was able to remember most of the plot.
Jason Lee
Elizabeth Banks
Craig Bierko
Joseph Fiennes
And others.

Jason Lee’s father was a scoundrel. He owned a handyman business and took people’s money.
Jason comes back to town after his father passed away and opens up a car mechanic shop. The shop was suffering as Jason lives under the shadow of his fathers reputation.
Joseph is a friend from high school. He owns a HVAC company. Joseph has to go out of town unexpectedly. He asks Jason to help out at a job he was unable to make it to. Jason agrees.
There a lot of cars parked in front of the building he is working at, but he pays no mind as he crawls into an air duct vent.
The building is housing a type of cult meeting. Craig is the leader of this meeting. The crowd consists of senior citizens, and Elizabeth.
Jason was now over the meeting and able to hear the conversation happening under him.
Craig was trying to convince his elderly followers that he was able to communicate with god. Jason is baffled at the speech Craig was going on and on about. When Craig announces his special connection with god Jason slips and hits a circuit board cutting out the electricity.
The followers gasp in shock.
Jason calls out, “hello.” The air vent made his voice sound powerful.  The followers start murmuring as Jason’s word echoes about.
One of the followers calls out, “is this the almighty?”
Jason is about to answer that he is not, but snaps his mouth shut. He realizes this could be the answer to his financial woes. He had seen most of the cars driving around town. Being that he was mechanically inclined he knew what cars needed his assistance. He was also observant of most of the personal lives of the towns people. With little to no business people watching was now a hobby to pass the day with.
“Yes, I am the almighty,” Jason answered.
The voices rise as they talk louder. Craig tries to get the crowd under control but nobody is paying attention to him.
Craig gets everyone’s attention by stating he was the one that brought the almighty to them. Jason rolling his eyes fixes the circuit board and switches on the lights. He is able to see the crowd below through a tiny hole in the air vent.
He hushes Craig’s attempt to take all the credit.
Jason spots an elderly couple that he noticed had balding tires, and another that needed a new exhaust system. He tells them that they need to have these fixed, and to use his shop. They grumble that he is just like his father, and they didn’t trust him. He assures them that his shop is fair, and he is nothing like his father
He also tells an elderly woman that her granddaughter is skipping school.
The meeting ends with murmurs of what the members had just witnessed.
The next day the two couples that needed car maintenance showed up. He did the work and they thanked him. Whispering that the almighty was right.
The next week they have another meeting, and he crawls back into the air duct. This is when he notices Elizabeth. He names more things that he observed in the town,  and stated that Elizabeth needed maintenance on her car. He could tell she was resistant to the notion that that the almighty was talking to her.
The elderly lady hits her in the shoulder, and states loudly that she would make sure her niece took her car in the very next day.
Sure enough Elizabeth and her aunt show up at the shop the next day. The aunt takes a walk and Elizabeth stays behind to keep an eye on her car.
Elizabeth is very standoffish toward Jason. He retorts back to one of her snide comments that she is the one attending cult meetings. She explains she is doing it to make sure her aunt doesn’t get taken advantage of.
Weeks go by and Jason’s business is taking off. Romance starts to blossom between him and Elizabeth.
Craig hating that his cult is following someone else and not him, he exposes Jason.
The backlash ruins Jason’s reputation worse than it was before. The residents write cruel things on the store wall. They mess with him refusing to serve him in restaurants and stores.
Before Jason was exposed he gave the advice to one of the elderly couples to get their brakes checked. Craig tells them that the almighty said their brakes are done.
The couple gets into an accident. Jason visits them at the hospital where he runs into Elizabeth. They start talking and other members of the cult come over and apologize.
Elizabeth and Jason become a couple and Craig gets what he deserves.

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