Jane Book Two of the Three J’amigos Series by Rose Montique

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized


Sequel to Jade. Jade and Jane continue their adventures and chase the Devil around the world. They must defeat him when they catch him beforel the hunters become the hunted. Join Jade and Jane on anther non-stop action packed thrill ride, full of surprises, romance, and humor. Meet new characters and new friends along the way as the relationship between Jade and Jane continues to grow. Vamps, shifters, and witches galore with a few other supernatural creatures in the mix make for another exciting adventure.
• “Our pack’s purpose is to fight, to do battle with evil.”
• “He has a small army of vamps and nobody has dared to take him on.”
• “You put a big dent in the roof, Jane.”
“I hear something,” Jade said, walking to the eastern side, raising her binoculars. She wasn’t looking towards the forest I saw, but rather slightly upward towards the sky. I couldn’t hear anything. A shifter’s hearing is better than a vamp’s.

“Choppers,” Hannah said from behind us, facing west, binoculars up as well. “Many of them,” she continued. “This is something we didn’t count on. We have a few stingers out there but there must be at least ten choppers coming from this direction.”

She picked up her phone and dialed to alert the forces on the ground. While she waited for an answer she continued, “Heading straight for our position. How many coming from your direction, Jade?”

“A dozen or more,” Jade said, “also heading straight towards our position. Tell your forces to concentrate on those coming in from the west. I will take the ones coming from the east.”

I drew Hannah back to the edge of the point. Jade in dragon form would take up much of our little space here. Jade shed clothes and stood in the middle getting ready to shift.

“We have a little air force of our own,” I told Hannah as Jade changed.

I do not have a review of this book yet. I promised my reviews to another set of authors. I can tell you this book will not disappoint, and I cannot wait to read it. My review will come soon…

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