How far are you willing to go?

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was going to title this post “Indie Authors Are Not Real Authors.”  Then I realized I would be doing the same thing I am about to rant on. Some weeks ago there was a post floating around Facebook where a blogger actually did title his post Indie Authors Are Not Real Authors. He had Facebook in an uproar. People were tagging their author friends to read this degrading article. I am surprised his server didn’t crash from the influx of people flocking to his site to read his post. I tried to read the comments, but there were sooooo many.

I will admit I didn’t read the whole article. The amount of bullshit he spouted off in the begging was enough to make a skyscraper reek of cow feces for months. What did he accomplish by posting this article?  He brought droves of angry indie authors to his site to voice their opinion. His stats must have been through the roof. So much so I knew if I would have titled this post the same way he did, my stats would have probably topped my highest day. I couldn’t do it with a clear conscience. How far do you go to get people to pay attention to your work? Is this a clever marketing scheme? This person clearly has no problem saying things that would hurt the people around him. He clearly loves himself some himself.  Looking out for number one, and pardon him while his shoe steps on you shoulder and head to get higher up.

In his article he mentioned that indie authors should be referred to by another name and not be aloud to use author as a describing word for them. What else would you call people who create stories from their imagination or real life experiences? A rose by any other name….and all. Wait would Mr. Shakespeare be considered an author? He was never wooed by one of the big five publishing companies out there.

What makes you an author? 

: a person who has written something; especially : a person who has written a book or who writes many books

: a person who starts or creates something (such as a plan or idea)

Write something, There you are the author of what you just wrote. It doesn’t matter if anyone else reads it. It doesn’t matter if others read it and hate it. It doesn’t matter if other fucking love the hell out of it. It is yours. Some famous authors advice is to write something and then tear it up letting no one read it. Write for yourself and market for others.

Same with any form of art once you create something you are its creator. How would this blogger determine if a another is an artist? Would they only be recognized if their work was hanging in a gallery? What if their art was purchased? My grandpa paid me a dollar when I was six for one of my drawing, does that make me official?

Or a musician. Most musicians start out singing covers of other peoples work. Would you only be recognized as an musician if you sang an original piece you wrote? Because if that is the case most of the people on the radio are frauds.

How much of snob do you have to be to say your art is better than another persons? Who has time to come up with another title for something that already has a  title?

In a round about way I have already ranted on this subject. The reason there is so many different art forms out there is because people have different tastes in things. People have had different life experiences, and therefore the way they connect with other pieces of work is incomparable.

It is amazing to have a plethora of arts to choose from. Allowing you to create a bond with a piece of art is something special. It makes us vulnerable and human. Ranting at someone that put down your work for no other reason but to boost theirs is human also. If it isn’t your  thing you don’t have to be a part of it. Another human trait we have (well not everyone) we have the brain capacity to make choices, and if we don’t like something we can walk away.

So walk away from this and go create. There are going to be mean people out there that will hurt you, and put you down. Rise above them. Persevere and tell them to kiss you ass….

  1. wccunningham says:

    I read a similar post some guy wrote putting down indie authors or those attempting to write. He said he hates when he tells someone he is an author and they comment that they have always wanted to write a book or they should write a book. He compared it to meeting a surgeon and saying he always wanted to do a surgery or meeting a lawyer and saying how he always wAnted to try a case. Pompous ass with lots of hits.

    Great post. Lol, I play guitar too. Musician?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jenlanebooks says:

    Your singing in the shower is lovely! 😉 I liked the comment about Shakespeare not being a real author ’cause no big publishing house snatched him up hehe.


  3. If it were not for the fact that there are “Best Sellers” published by the major publishing houses that have numerous “glitches” perhaps “Indie Author” would really mean “second class citizen” in the field of published material. I personally prefer “writer” or “storyteller” for my fictional works. Author does seem to work best however, when telling someone I’ve just met what I currently do. I wouldn’t use “storyteller” in that context, least they think me a lying politician! (-;


    • heyitsmejoy says:

      I guess we can always say “I have people living in my head that force me to create a world they can live in. They also demand conflict and a character arc.” Author just seems easier.


      • It sounds like you know me all too well…I’ve said that many times! My characters want to tell their stories they’re way. I tried to rephrase some of the “explicit togetherness” in my first book and they wouldn’t allow it. They compromised on the second book in the series by allowing the main male character to have a blank memory after sharing blood and venom during exchange of “love bites” and this was continued in the third book. is the first book and the second, is the third.


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