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I debated telling this story and then decided to put it on the blog since I spewed this story to at least four or five massage patients.

As most of you know Ella Emerson is my best friend. We are trying to meet for the first time next year at a signing in Arizona. Even though we haven’t met we talk everyday through messaging.

The other day Ella was telling me about a book she was reading. She said it was really good and of course I wanted to download it on my Kindle. When I searched for it I realized I already had it on my Kindle. I explained to Ella I had a hard time getting into the story. She loved it for me I wasn’t able to get through the sample.

Anyways Ella was surprised I didn’t like it. I told her the premise of a 20 some odd year old girl selling her virginity online was silly to me. I don’t know the writing just didn’t grab me.

This is not verbatim. Some of the wording was removed to protect the other people involved.

Ella: I wish I would have auctioned off my virginity instead of giving it up to the guy I gave it to.

Me: Yeah, I guess I would have been better off.

Ella told me the details on giving hers up. I will not reveal that information because it was her story to tell. 

Me: I was 18. He gave me a ring. I gave him my hymen and two weeks later he broke up with my ass.

Ella: Hold on let me find a picture of him.

Me: Yes, let me see if I can find a picture of mine.

Let me warn you. Do not Google the person you lost your virginity to. Just don’t do it.

The first picture that showed up was on

Don’t search Just don’t do it.

 I took a screenshot and sent it to Ella. We laughed our freaking butts off. Seriously it was sad, and funny at the same time.

You can laugh. It’s ok. It was funny.

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