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OMG…..Joy, did you really do that? I know, I know the cliche of the the tramp stamp right above the BATCAVE………

Yes, this is my faded tramp stamp that thankfully it is behind me, so I don’t have to be faced with it daily. People ask me why I don’t get it removed, and honestly as much as I complain and am embarassed about it, it’s me.

As I explained in the “Me” section of this blog/site, I had a bit of a mean ex boyfriend. When I finally escaped his clutches, I went a tad bit crazy. I started “dating” a DJ at a strip club. The reason for the quotes is because he was “dating” a bunch of girls.

This DJ was also a piercer. The more I write the redder I turn, but we are all friends so what’s a few secrets.

One night while I was waiting for him to pierce a client ( I am not sure if he was just piercing her with a needle, he also liked to pierce things with his Uhm……well you know) Anywho…..

I was in the waiting room, because he promised me food, like a good little girl when his friend “the tattoo artist” came out. He announces “I want to ink someone.” Ahhh.. you know where this is going don’t you…..such smart friends I have.

I jump up off the leather couch I was trying not to touch, in fear of getting pregnant, and reply with Joy enthusiasm “you can ink me!!!!!!!”

He looks at me, and I am sure he see’s sucker written across my forehead. That was going to be my next tattoo. (I’m kidding; I would not get Sucker on my forehead.)

“Ok, but it can’t be some random tattoo. It has to express who you are. Who are you Joy????”  He asks. Without skipping a beat, let’s all say it together….

“I’M BATMAN”  It’s ok you can shake your head I get it. He proceeds to grab my hand, and lead me into the tattoo room where he puts this bad boy on me. He also kept squirting the damn solution down my crack, so I totally looked like I peed when I was done.

Now since I have Batman permanently tatted on my ass, I have learned to embrace it. I now have every argument I can think of as to why Batman is the best super hero. (Think about it Superman is a damn alien, do you really think he has his working visa? What would he write, on his forms for his job while in the US “Saving the World” pretentious much. Then there is Spiderman, seriously show him a flip-flop or a rolled up newspaper, and dude is cowering in the corner.) Thank goodness I picked Batman.

Shake your head, I get it. Be embarrassed for me.

Or if you have an embarrassing tattoo, share it with me. I would love that, share my pain with me.

P.S. I wanted pink to be radiating off of it, he just outlined the damn thing in pink. When people see it they think it is new, and irritated. CAM01026 (1)

  1. Lmao!!!! Sorry I shouldn’t be laughing but this is great!!!


  2. wccunningham says:

    I’m hearing the theme song…


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