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It’s a bad girls world….Halestorm

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I am currently reading Kate White’s I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know. There are bad books, okay books, good books and great books. But there is another kind of book and it’s the rarest.

The game-changer.

White has a witty, sassy style. She is seamlessly intelligent and down-to-earth in her fiction. And guess what? Her nonfiction delivers more of the same.

I’ve never recommended a book I haven’t finished, but this one has me far too excited. Even if Ms. White devolves into dirty limericks for the rest of the book? I still feel I have spent my money well. There are some points she makes which I feel are especially poignant and applicable to writers.

Part of the reason I’m referring to her book in this blog (even though I’m not yet finished) is that I might just chicken out unless I…

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Ella Emerson


Congratulations to Author Olivia Howe on her beautiful new cover for her upcoming book ‘Pretty Bird’


Pretty Bird
By Bestselling Author: Olivia Howe

Designer: Colbert Creative Designs

Release Date: 11.14.15


Book Blurb:

Kenna loses her forever, Derrick, in a tragic plane crash that kills everyone on board – 150 people, including the love of her life.  People keep calling her lucky, but she feels the opposite.  Now she has to move on with her life without Derrick in it and no strategy for getting past this senseless tragedy.

Investigators tip her off that there may be more to the story… behind the crash, the menacing Company that controls people, and even her dead boyfriend.

When someone tries to kill Kenna again in her own home, she is shocked into action and starts to uncover the truth about the corruption and craziness around her, finding herself and her heart again in the process. …

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Source: **COVER REVEAL** Pretty Bird by Olivia Howe

I popped my author signing cherry

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I haven’t been around lately because I was too busy freaking out about my very first signing.
Saturday, after a night of tossing and turning, I finally crawled out of bed done with pretending I was going to sleep. I showered and decided I was going to add cute hair chalk to my hair. Taking my time I ended up with bright purple streaks throughout my hair. When I tried to put it up in my signature messy bun I ran into a snag. The chalk made my hair un-tameable. I had to take another shower washing my hair of all my hard work.
I’m now in full panic mode. Being that I look in the mirror daily I know what I look like. I made the stupid mistake of asking Rebecca Fisher to share a table. She is gorgeous so my normal anxiety was notched up knowing I would be sitting next to her sexy butt.
Surprisingly there was no traffic on the way there. We were there extra early. My nerves kind of calmed as I helped people set up.

authors by the beach



Before the line of people came in I got to walk around and talk to most of the authors. Susan Ward was my neighbor and one of the funniest people I know. She was telling me she likes to photobomb people so I did a little of my own.
You can find her amazing books at

Susan Ward


I also met Andrea Smith and bribed her with a baby bottle of vodka to be my friend.

I met Sylvia Day and my bestie Ella Emerson wanted me to take a picture with her so I did better and brought Flat Ella along for the picture. Seriously people Sylvia is one of the prettiest people I have ever seen. Her hair is perfect.

I didn’t get to talk too much to Allie Juliette Mousseau, but I fed her daughter chocolate all day. (Sorry, she was just too cute to say no to.)

Audrey Harte, F.T Zele

Audrey Harte reminded so much of my cousin I may have scared her as much as I stared at the poor thing. I tried to get D. Kelly drunk but she had to leave early. I have plans to snag her one of these days to make her drink with me. Ginger Scott was super nice and I wish we could have talked more. Jaci Wheeler was across from me and so tiny I could have fit her in my pocket.  Jennifer Raygoza and J.L. Drake had some of the coolest covers at the signing. Kimberly Knight was super nice and I wish I could have talked to her more also. K. Renee had some of the sexiest covers. Lesley Jones was behind me and the poor thing had to keep seeing my darn butt crack the whole signing. My pants were not wanting to stay up. Marialisa deMora hands down had the greatest hair. I am a sucker for pigtails. Mary Elizabeth was not at her table when I went over to her. She writes Twilight fan fiction that went big time. M. Stratton had the coolest swag (Bloody forks baby) Selene Chardou wasn’t around when I went to her table either. It was T.A. Roth’s first signing ever. She should have been writing the sequel to her first book. Damn her that ending.  T.J. West was adorable with her models. I had so much fun with her at the after party. I’ve met T.K. Leigh before at another signing. She was so cute with her little tinker bump. V.E. Avance was right across from me. She was super nice and I am excited to announce I will be in her signing in Fresno in 2017. Yay!

The models were too pretty to even talk to so I didn’t even pretend. Lol

Thank you Azeely Bass and Cherry Hurtado for breaking my signing cherry. It was such a great event and I can’t wait for the next one.

Jenna Galicki made the cutest print for all the readers and authors to take around and have it signed. Thank you


I was super excited to meet Jodi Murphy. She has been a huge help preparing me for the signing. She brought her nieces who were adorable. I only got one to take picture with me the other was running around helping her aunt. image

The peace sign was for my number one stalker Kimberly. Hi Kimberly. image

Jodi took a picture of me signing one of my books. Don’t I look professional? lol


CJ from CJ book Blog found me. image

Just wait until you read this book you will be blown away

Ella Emerson

Cover Reveal Banner

Title: I Am Atlas

Book: 1

Series: The Playing God Series

Author: Ella Emerson

Cover Designer: Redbird Designs

Publisher: Booktrope


Powerful, wealthy, wildly handsome Atlas has it all: successful company, stunning penthouse, and all the women and fun he could want. But when he meets the brilliant, graceful and mesmerizing Gwen, he is thunderstruck and wants to go to great lengths to have her, even if it means breaking his own rules and baring his secret soul.

When his livelihood is threatened by a competing rival, he must prepare for a corporate battle. But, with Gwen at his side he knows he will not lose.

But, what if she isn’t who he thought she was? What if nothing is as it seems?

Will Atlas lose everything?

How far is one man willing to go for the woman he loves?


atlas 3-d book stack


About The Author:

Ella Emerson lives…

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Dark Dreams Halloween Giveaway

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Over 50 authors teamed up to do a Halloween Giveaway. Every author pitched in and you can enter to win prizes from all of us. There is also a huge grand prize of 175 PayPal cash.

Entries are free.


Halloween Festival Background

Halloween Festival Background


My bestie is rereleasing her first book Sky Watcher. I’m so proid of her.

Ella Emerson

I’m very excited to announce the re-release of my very first book I’d ever written.

With a new cover, new sexy scenes, and a whole lot of editing, I am now proud to bring you this amazing story.


Meet Allison Singleton, Single, alone. Her husband has left her after years of marriage, and she is destined to be alone for the rest of her life. At 35, she is afraid to hop back into the dating scene, as she knows there aren’t too many options at her age. She has labeled men her age into two categories: Taken and everything left over. The second group includes the men who are so dreadful that no woman has snagged them up yet. This is her dating pool.
That is, until she meets the hot lawyer, Gavin McDermott, on a blind date. He may just be what she is looking for. He…

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It has been over a week and half since Breaking Faith went live. What a whirlwind. I knew it was going to be a roller coaster. Even with all the planning, I still felt like I was plummeting down a dark hole.
I’m finally starting to catch my breath.   The dust has started to settle from my landing into a published author category. Now the reviews are trickling in.
My brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around the fact that people are reading my book.
I can’t describe how weird it is to have people know my characters. Sure, when I am telling my face down naked patients about my book while running my elbow up and down their back I’m sharing my story, but now people I have never touched naked are learning about my characters.
Who The Fuck Are The JackholeS?
Can now be answered by over 200 people.
Yeah, it blows my mind too.
For people who have just been introduced into JackholeS territory I feel like I should explain some things. Everyone who has been with me through this journey so far already know my intentions with the JackholeS series. For you new comers lost in the craziness that is Joy’s World let me clear some things up.
Almost three years ago I wrote Breaking Faith. It was nearly 400k words long. I was new and didn’t do any research on word count. I just wrote my story. I didn’t expect to publish. How that came about is a whole other story.
I wrote Breaking Faith as a therapeutic exercise. At the time I was writing another book. A trilogy actually. When I was near the end of the first book I panicked. This story was all from my head. I created a whole new world and I explained mythological creatures in my own words. I wasn’t ready to share that story yet. So I stopped writing it 94k words into it.
I closed the document and opened another one. My fingers word vomited Breaking Faith. Obviously, I did not marry a lead singer of a band. I took some artistic liberties, but Faith and Jason’s story is close to my heart and memories.
I planned to make it two stories. When I finished Breaking Faith I spoke to other authors and realized I had a huge book on my hands. I broke it in half and shaved the first half down for two and half years.
People are upset it ended in a cliffhanger. The reason it did is because it’s half of what I wrote in one book. The first chapter I included of Surviving Faith was the original ending to Breaking Faith.
Dayna Elise talked me into ending it where I did. She has taken full responsibility for this choice.
I didn’t want people to hate me when I published the cliffhanger. I agonized and whined about it to anyone that would listen.  I tried to be prepared for the backlash I knew I would receive. I’m sorry to anyone who felt short changed in the ending.
Also, please know the second book is written. I need to add some scenes and polish it up before sending it to the editor, but it is done.
Also know the second book although it resolves most of the conflict it doesn’t resolve all of them. I leave one big conflict open.
Kill and Faith get three books. I have the covers for them and I can’t wait to unleash them on you. The third book Becoming Faith has four roughly written chapters done.
I promise the ending of Surviving Faith will not be as abrupt as Breaking Faith. Hopefully you will want more.
Also please know. After Kill and Faith I will write three more books in the JackholeS series.







If you were in front of me I would be able to tell you every story line for all of the books. They are done in my head I just need to put them to keyboard.
I want to thank everyone who has read Breaking Faith and is willing to give Surviving Faith a chance.  I promise you will not be let down.
This journey has started another incline and I’m ready to take it on. The amount of support has been tremendous. With you guys along for the ride, I am so excited to see what the JackholeS will do.


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breaking faith release blitz banner - Copy

Breaking Faith

breaking faith cover blitz

The JackholeS series part 1

by Joy Eileen


full cover release blitz

Faith made the mistake of giving her heart to someone who didn’t deserve her. After making the decision to leave, she sought refuge at a bar full of misfits. They accepted Faith without question, and now they protect her as if she’s family. While putting the pieces of her life back together, she fights to keep her broken heart from falling for the moody lead singer of the JackholeS. A man named Kill. Killian has his own demons to battle, yet Faith brings out his protective side: a side he thought he’d buried long ago. Can Faith and Kill trust each other long enough to leave their pasts behind and find love? Or is the past too overpowering to allow anyone a chance at happiness?

WARNING: This book contains explicit non-consensual sex scenes. It contains strong language and adult situations. This book is not intended for anyone under 18. This is a series so this book does not end with resolution. Don’t worry the second book is already done and the third is being created. 🙂


Grab your copy here:



Barnes and Nobel:



teaser3 blitz

teaser2 blitz

teaser 1 blitz


Realizing I was half naked and pressed against him, I slowly backed away. The immediate sadness from the removal of his electricity was staggering.

His grin disappeared, and the laughter in his eyes was replaced with desire. I could see why girls all over Portland were infatuated with him. Just one fierce look, and I wanted to wrap myself around him until you couldn’t tell where he stopped and I began.

I took the step I had just taken away from him back toward him. We both inhaled sharply when our bodies collided.

He pulled in his bottom lip, raking his teeth over it until it popped out. My attention became rapt on his bottom lip and I wanted to bite it like he had just done.

The wet heat between my legs was on fire, and the only way I could think of getting rid of the burning ache was to have him buried deep within me. The look in his eyes, before my attention went to his lips, showed he was thinking the same thing.

My tongue darted out, and he groaned, making his chest rumble. The sound caused my nipples to pebble, aching along with the rest of my body for his attention.

He lowered his face to mine until our foreheads touched, our lips a breath away. Both of us were panting, the dull pain between my legs caused me to press my thighs together, trying to gain friction to help with the need building inside of me.

When I was about to break and press my lips to his, Kill turned around and stormed away, leaving me confused and unsatisfyingly hot.

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About the author

author photo

Joy Eileen is a born bibliophile who becomes deeply engaged with her characters, and has devoured more books than she would like to admit. She becomes obsessed with happily-ever-afters, and will read any genre that fulfills that requirement. Evading the library is something she has been known to do, because after befriending the characters returning them would be a heartbreaking event. Books are held hostage on her bookshelf, and any author that makes her ugly cry becomes her sworn enemy. Nicholas Sparks is one of the many on the list of villains.

As a massage therapist, most of Joy’s stories come to her while working. With the sound of classical music, and snoring from a half covered hostage, characters are created. The victim (massage patient) has no idea that while their body is being manipulated, Joy has traveled into distant lands creating landscapes and inhabitants as she goes. Her patients should be wary as sometimes they are pulled into her stories and turned into characters. Hero or Foe? Well, that depends on how they tip.

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